Guns N’Roses – Knocking On Heaven’s Door FULL Guitar Lesson (With Tab)


  1. JUAN WHO?

    hey man, what amp do you use? thanklsss i love your videos , perfect teaching

  2. jjontboi K

    Know this is old. But please. I'm 18 years old now, never played guitar before. You think it's too late for me? Or should I just go for it, all in?

  3. Slim Shady

    Please.. Make some eminem's songs guitar lessons…you are genius.. Thanks for lessons…

  4. Jordy Ren

    your tutorial has been helpful but it's kinda shitty because in the verse parts when you play the C chord the strumming pattern that you do is different from the one in the tabs, so… get it right, it's confusing, other than that, great tutorial

  5. Elmer Rivas

    U Dont play a shit but I'm worst,and I learn some tricks,keep rocking dude,ur in a good road

  6. Stephen Plante

    bro your obsessed with slash!! Im honestly surprised your not wearing that corny Victorian era tophat that he wears everyday along with his leather slacks!! idk and why he's on every other guitar magazine cover. People like you must really like unoriginal rehashed boring regurgitated pentatonic drivel a intermediate suburban kid could copy with a plastic toys r us guitar bad taste and a cheap Halloween outlet plastic fedora.

  7. Lord BOB

    A little thumb UP from France !!!To help you聽 goin' onROCK ON

  8. Kendal Grace

    Thanks man, I've been wanting to learn this forever. I'm basically a beginner like I've been playing on and off for over a year now but I totally wanna learn this song and nail it. 馃檪

  9. Phil Roberts

    Thanks Demy starting to get the hang of this now intro wise as i'm a learner its good to learn the shapes

  10. Kevin Victoria

    Hey bro could you tab his solos on the live Tokyo concert that would be bad ass let me know big fan of the vids keep it up

  11. TheGray Aviator

    I am about to purchase an Electric Guitar and this channel is that what I was looking for. Thanks for making these videos….

  12. Bisous

    Very good lesson!
    Does anyone know where I can find a lesson for this intro for ukulele?

  13. Fabio Meneghelli Graziano

    Hi man … I'm from Brazil … Do you change the pick up of the bridge ?! What Did you put ? Seymour Duncan ? Thanks ! Great job ! 馃槈

  14. R. Andrew Neal

    Thanks man, you can make a lot more sense from a tab that me. I came for for the first solo, and I got both! Thanks a lot.

  15. Elena Fdz

    Congratulations for your channel!!! I really like it!!! You help me with some songs 馃槈

  16. Keith Chamblin

    Hope all is well with you Demy! I need your opinion on Slash's new Epiphone "Racing Red" or "Rosso Corsa" model Les Paul. I'm sure it's a great guitar, but I already have a sunburst model similar to yours. Any opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man!

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