HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Video Card From Eric & MAX Blues Rock Guitar Solo EricBlackmonGuitar


  1. Simon :p

    woooaah!! amazing dude 😵😵🎸🎸🎸 greetings erick ✌😎✌ happy father's day

  2. Brian Donnelly

    Thanks for this … RIP Orphan … half collie half shepherd …. he was the best … happy Father's day Eric … many more !!!!

  3. o najera

    you too Erick¡¡¡¡thank you¡¡¡¡And that better than celebrate with the family and good music yeah¡¡¡

  4. Oldskool Funk

    Awesome video Maestro…that solo was absolutely slamming…! Not that you need my help, but wish I was there holding down the 1, 4, and 5 rythm for you. Happy Father's Day to you also.. !

  5. Darrell Williams

    as usual awesome Happy Father's Day to one of the Best Guitar Teachers on YouTube. God Bless you & your family too. & your little Dog to. Amen

  6. Steve Douglas

    Happy Father's Day back at you Eric! Man-o-man, I don't know which I liked best — Max, or your super nice guitar playing. I can easily see why you loved Max so much. He is super cool. I like how he truly listened to you and made eye contact. Thanks for posting this Eric!

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