Harry Styles – Kiwi (Guitar & Bass Cover w/ Tabs)


  1. Blake McConnell

    definitely an unexpected cover but this song is so fucking sick. lots of arctic monkeys and black keys vibes. definitely let me know what think. tabs and all gear used are in the description.

  2. j h

    awesome cover do you think you could post the bass tabs as well?

  3. OuterSpaceGuitars

    can I ask what you're using to record your guitar? soo good (like what gear to record it and what software to edit, thank you!)

  4. zoe boitel

    your shirt reminds me of matty's robbers shirt, btw such a good cover , keep it up !

  5. R T Dox Music

    Well played))) I did not seen any mistakes!

    P.S: I'm newbie guitarist, writing rock music, if you love chill rock instrumental – welcome to my channel)))

  6. Mill Whitfield

    This was really good, it's my fave from his new album I put off listening it for a while as I didn't think it'd be my thing as I normally prefer rock/metal/punk etc, I'm learning guitar and I hope I can get to your level of skill someday, green day boulevard of broken dreams is where I'm at????great cover as per anyway:)

  7. Jacqui Verellen

    I love this. You are SO talented! I subscribed, please make more! Feel free to subscribe back if you wanna be youtube buddies! 😀 <3

  8. Kamryn Lucht

    this was surprising, I actually really like this song, and has my yt app messed up or do you have the wrong description on this? it says it's Voldemort by with con and has the tabs for Voldemort and stuff.

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