HIpHop/R&B Acoustic Guitar Lesson #3 – No Scrubs – TLC


  1. Michael S

    Could you do a quick tutorial on that intro? I'm Having trouble with the percussions. I'd really appreciate it.

  2. Ben Branchaud

    This is absolute insanity. Please convince me that my brain has the capacity to learn this.

  3. Joe Allen

    Awesome video, Ive only just started playing guitar and Im struggling with what to tune my guitar to. I saw you mentioned it in another comment but I didn't really understand. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  4. Jeffrey Simon

    You have inspired me to play the guitar. Could you give more lessons on great 90s r&b songs?

  5. ManiDProductions

    Thanks for the great lesson, but what are you tuned to? Sounds like you are almost a semitone sharp. Just makes it hard to play along.

  6. Randa Moses

    Great tutorial as usual, i just have a suggestion, play the whole song before you start explaining, thanks a lot and im looking forward for you next videos 🙂

  7. Argo Nautilus

    How exactly are you hitting the note(s) that go with the bass drum hits? Are you flicking it ? Great vid!

  8. Marc Meier

    Hey, I was wondering, is it also possible to just strike the strings with your nails instead of plucking them while you're doing a snare or bass-drum? Or are there any advantages to plucking them?

  9. Kaiser Soze

    Pfff. Such quality video.. still sooo few views. This is becoming ridiculous youtube. I remember on my old youtube account 5 years ago.. i would get so many views for a new video  within a week after upload.. .. and then all of the sudden.. none. 

    Getting of track here.. really just wanted to thank u teacher Anwar.. I'm practicing without nails… its going slow but im getting there.

  10. ecotts

    Thanks man, much appreciated.. Best of luck for the new year!

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