“Home” by Chris Tomlin – Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lesson with Play Along


  1. One Music School

    Hi Everyone! Let me begin by saying that this video was a huge undertaking for me with all of the graphics and the many split screen features. I actually filmed this tutorial twice because I wasn't happy with the first round of footage that a shot. All of my videos are very time consuming, but this one was by far was one of the most involved videos that I've made thus far. I tried to cram the electric and acoustic guitar parts into one tutorial, and I also tried to not make it a million years long; however, it is longer than my usual videos. I would love to know if you found it helpful to have both electric and acoustic parts, or would it have been better to just make two separate videos. Use the skip ahead index to find the parts that you want to learn :). Thanks for your support, and lots of love.

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