Making a playlist is one of the best ways to get in the mood for a party, a workout, or just about anything. But it can be tricky to choose the right songs. You want something that will keep you moving and energized, but you also don’t want it to be so upbeat that you can’t relax when the time comes. So how do you find the perfect balance? Keep reading as we bring you some tips to help you get started in crafting the perfect playlist.


What is a playlist and why do you need one?

A playlist is a collection of songs put together with purpose, or completely at random. They can be used for anything from working out to driving, or even getting ready for a party.

Music can stir emotion like nothing else, and the best thing about playlists is that you can tailor them to fit your own mood and needs at any given time.


How to Find Inspiration For Your Playlist

If you’re new to making playlists, or if you don’t listen to a lot of music in general, it can be overwhelming trying to think of one song, let alone an entire list full. Especially if it’s for an occasion or an event, the pressure of putting together a great selection can be quite intimidating.

Fortunately, these days there are sites full of playlists, with inspiration for just about any genre you could possibly think of. Our favorite playlist website at the moment is without a doubt The Awesome Mix. It has over 100 playlists and is growing every day. All of the playlists are hand-curated, so you know you’re getting top quality suggestions and songs that fit the occasion perfectly.


How to choose the right songs for your playlist

It can be tough choosing the right songs for your playlist, but it’s definitely worth it to have a collection of tunes that perfectly suits your mood or occasion. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right songs:


Mood-based playlists

These playlists are based on your mood and can be used to set the tone for whatever you’re doing. Whether you’re happy or sad, or anywhere in between, there is a playlist for it. Remember, slow, downbeat music will likely prolong a state of sadness. Picking up the pace, will generally start to improve your mood pretty quickly.


Workout playlists:

If you’re about to head to the gym , a workout playlist is a great place to start. Not only does it set the tone for your exercise, but it can motivate you as well. Just remember that you don’t want anything on there that will slow you down as you work out, so avoid slow songs and ballads as they’ll just make things drag on longer than they need to. Stick with high energy, upbeat music that will keep you moving.

After your workout, when it’s time to start winding down is when an after-workout playlist comes in handy. Choose slow paced, or even euphoric styles of music to start helping you to bring your heart rate back to resting levels and focus your mind on the rest of your day or evening.


Party playlists:

A party playlist can help build up some excitement before everyone arrives or keep things going throughout the night . You don’t have to stick with fast-paced music either, danceable beats are a good way to get people off their feet and onto the dance floor without lulling them into boredom.

If it’s a dinner party, you might want to play something low key in the background so you don’t startle anyone if they need to talk about business or politics. If it’s a loud, wild party with lots of drinking, choose songs that are high energy and fast-paced so your guests will move their bodies all night long.

Before you head out on the town, put together a pre-night out playlist to set the right tone. These types of songs make for great “pump-up” music before you go dancing or bar hopping with friends. Electronic dance beats or even disco make great choices here.

If you’re hosting a more lively event and want to set the tone for an evening filled with dancing and festivities. Keep them moving all night long with high-energy dance songs, or opt for classic tunes everyone will love.

Some good choices for a good party playlist are Beyonce, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris because they can give your guests fast paced tunes that keep them entertained the entire night. When in doubt, try to pick high energy songs that will get people up and moving around.


Study playlists:

If you’re trying to study but find it hard to concentrate, a playlist can help. You want to keep things mellow and quiet, so avoid anything with words or vocals altogether unless you use headphones.

When crafting study playlists, try to choose music in unfamiliar time signatures or even foreign languages. If you pick a playlist full of bangers that you know every word to, you’ll end up singing along and distracting yourself from the task at hand!


Genre-based playlists:

If you want to listen to a specific type of music, put together a genre-based playlist, choosing songs from various artists within that musical category. Think electronic music one day, country the next, etc.


Final Thoughts on Creating a Playlist

Playlists are a great way to help you stay energized and focused. They can also be used as an entertaining background for dinner parties or even study sessions. Playlist playlists work best when they’re tailored to your needs, so try out the different options we’ve provided in this post!