how to play “Double Vision” by Foreigner – guitar lesson


  1. Rik J. Smith

    Very well done lesson !! Thanks for sharing this. I'm old school with learning. Sit down and continue rewinding until I know it solid. But this makes life so easy. And your tone is exactly what a Rock guitar should sound like. ☺

  2. MrHermango

    A deceptively articulate song. Must have some chops to play that low gain clean crunch hard rock.

  3. Andy Ross

    Brilliant. Love the straight forward ones, there always the best! How do you achieve the tone? Amp, pedals etc? Thanks

  4. Steve Butler

    sir your lessons are superb and second to NONE! very concise and thorough with just the right amount of info about the song. its also not insanely repetitious as every other lesson channel is (repeating the same licks for 5mins until i am sick of hearing it). thank you sir for your excellent lessons

  5. zorbatheok

    I want you to have my child but you dont posses a vagina….let me impregnate you etherally and let life be life

  6. Danny Hood

    Great lesson!! that chromatic harmony part with (C D E Eflat D rules) best. Good stuff Saying the notes by name is so much easier than explaining frets (tabs) any day. Tabs should be used personal learning(its YouTube guitar lessons fret (tabs for tots ) Take long time to explain, kills enthusiasm. Although Tabs taught comments are full of rot. Sorry, i cant, not"

  7. John Quick

    Fantastic rendition, within a few hours i was playing it pretty well for my ability.
    Thanks a heap.Any other songs that have no solo?

  8. teodelfuego

    Well done! What chord is being arpeggiated in the chorus, do you know? Thanks!

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