How to play ‘Fade To Black’ by Metallica Guitar Solo Lesson w/tabs pt1


  1. MrCasquenoir

    Hey Chris. Have a listen to the solo on Wintersun's Eternal Darkness (The Forest Seasons album). The only solo on that album, but what a solo! I know you've had some bad experiences with the Winter Madness solo ;-), but have a listen anyway and hopefully it'll inspire you for a lesson! Thanks for the vids!

  2. Kristjan Bahun

    Despite countless of requests I think we are still waiting on The Best of Times by Dream Theater 😀
    You are awesome, keep up the good work!!

  3. MetallicaBradyV

    I've been watching you're videos for over a year,you're awesome,is there any way you could do the solo to sulfur by slipknot or psycho-social

  4. Aaron Martinez

    hey can you handle the solos from ashes of the wake by LOG? I would love to see you tackle those down bro!

  5. Unholy One

    part 2 please , the outro solo

    and would you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaassseee do the solos of banned from heaven from COB

  6. E L

    You should do Fight Fire with Fire. Would be amazin!

  7. Not Javhian

    You should Cover the Remnants intro solo by Disturbed, not a complicated solo but it can show new players how dynamics can impact a solo.

  8. brandonger

    are you sure that very last note is on the B string on the recording it sounds like 17 on the high E

  9. Spiffy

    there is a song a really wanna learn and you should take a look at it because it will blow you away with its beauty!

    The wind that shakes the heart
    By Andy James.

    this is my dream solo to learn! help me out brotha!

  10. funcmed86

    You rock Chris! If you are up for a rarer solo can you do John Frusicante – Look On – that solo is from another planet

  11. Mork Monk

    Thanks again Chris for the lesson. But have you ever considered doing some Sabaton?

  12. Corrosive Fox

    Love the work man keep it up maybe next time you could re do cliffs of Dover?

  13. Mitch Holmes

    Hey Chris, When you do the solos, would you be able to post the guitar Rig parameters you use please?

  14. TheMaverick13

    Chris!! fight fire with fire solo please! i want that you upload this solo for much

  15. Shidonlad's V&G

    I can't wait for your lesson on kirk's second solo, it's gonna be a ripper

    and i thought i'd fill you in for a solo i wanna learn which is fairly simple but it has a shred lick that plagues me to this day

    It's from the song Bmblb by Jeff Williams, but before you get too excited you need to tune down into drop D, you can do that solo or Not Fall In Love With You also by Jeff Williams and you'll need wah for that but it's in E Standard

  16. William Allison

    cos you redid this one with the 2nd solo, can you redo Painkiller with the whammy bar and second solo!

    either that or A Tout Le Monde with the 2nd solo

    that said good lesson

  17. Jose Elizondo

    I've been following Chris since he had hair, holy fucking shit, now he doesn't.

  18. Arkava Goswami

    dear sir,i'm follower to ur chnl n ur lesson are helping me very much..have a request ..plz do the unforgiven 3 solo…requested u many times.maybe u'vent notice but will be really glad if u can do a lesson on that awesome solo.thanks.cheers from India

  19. No Potato

    I think the last note of this solo is actually the 17th fret on the high e, not the b string.

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