How to Play Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song) – (Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack) Guitar Lesson


  1. Caffeinated Nation

    For anyone not clear on the riff that he does at 6:08…it's: a slide up from the 2nd fret B and 3rd fret G to the 4th fret.

  2. Luca Bonsangue

    Briliant lesson and amazing vocals. How do you reach the high sang 'well' and how do you train for that??

  3. Madeleine Johansen

    I'm performing this tomorrow and I needed to get the strumming down haha. (I procrastinate) but I'm playing it in C. Thanks!

  4. Cry0cor3 M1ke

    Learning guitar so I can praise & worship God in a new way. This is the first song I'm learning!

  5. mysweetroux

    Thank you!!! Been listening to Van Ronk's version on repeat. Thanks to your tutorial I think I may have found my first open mic song. And you've nailed the vocals.

  6. Albertina Halliwell

    Chuck sent me here. But it's another key on spn, isn't it? I tried to play along with Chuck and it doesn't fit…

  7. dang tin

    Can i get the strumming patterns in the intro that you played at the beginning of the video , please ?

  8. Martin Carrington

    Brilliant, a fantastic performance, and i can learn so much from this because i want to learn this song, thankyou

  9. Delaina Lorac

    God- uh, I mean, Chuck, sent me here.

    And damn am I glad, because you are one very beautiful person with an amazing voice

  10. Kevin Cheng

    I wonder if these tutorial guys are curious about all these comments about "God sent me here". So am I, by the way.

  11. Amara

    Is there a way just to get the instrumental cause I'm going to sing a cover

  12. Jake P

    awesome job and awesome song none the less. thats for the tutorial.

  13. Patrick Headley

    this is probably my favorite video of yours I have watched. you have an amazing voice and a great guitar teacher. thanks for helping us learn to play the guitar.

  14. loco4naruto

    you have a really great voice and the chords you use are the best i've found for this song untill now, but i am a self taught amateur and i cant really count music so generally i just combine the sound i hear with the strumming hand and i copy it as it is. So i believe it would be more helpful to show your strumming hand instead, or both your hands while explaining the strumming patter, or i could learn how to count 😛 please endure my bad english. CHEERS

  15. Nadia Roy

    Thank you so much!!! Merci beaucoup! If you come in Montreal, I want a live lesson. 🙂

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