How to play Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks (Guitar Lesson SB-401)


  1. Tim Osullivan

    Thank you very much for a great lesson Jason could never nail this one but your lesson has given me at least a couple more chords to go in it ( which I always left out) so once again many thanks.

  2. Paul Spencer

    Thanks Justin, this a great tutorial. I'm a moderately experienced guitarist and I found it super useful, and it seems like one that would be really helpful to people who are at a more beginner level as well.
    And I like your style of presenting, which is pretty much just straight out explanation of the content, but manages to be pretty entertaining to watch.

  3. q railroads

    "He's F-ing every C7 I got"….. :-O haha so funny. I really remember your lessons clearly. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Mathew White

    Justin really is the best but I can't for the life of me understand why he and all the other educators on YouTube play an "a" chord with the inside of the index finger. Why not use the edge that you use for a barre chord because that what it is, it's much easier to stretch from that position it's just a much more natural position to adopt. I would love to know what others especially Justin think. In no way is this a criticism, Im a massive fan and have learnt so much from Justinguitar. Cheers!

  5. Helga McCallum

    Could you show me the tab fir the chord for Dm with a B Flat base please? Cannot quite see. Cheers.

  6. Lissi D

    Thank you so much for this! I love the kinks and when I got my guitar I couldn't wait to learn some of true songs, this video is so helpful! I am finding it difficult but I will get it in the end🤞🏻

  7. Dan Phipps

    Wow…. I tried this a year ago and couldn't get near the intro. I've just spent the last two hours at it with the rest of the song and I'm nearly there. Big thanks Justin

  8. Robbietalk

    Yes!! I've been trying to transcribe this, and I got most of the chorus right! ….Ish 😛 Very helpful lesson! I always love how detailed Justin's tutorials are. Btw, if you want to play the riff a single note at a time, like (I think?) they do at some points in the recording, play each of these notes twice: open D, 5th string 3rd fret, 5th st 2nd fret, 5th st 1st fret, open A, 6th st 3rd fret, 6th st 1 fret, open E. Also, that little thing at the very end is, I'm fairly sure, an open D and the A (2nd fret) on the 3rd string- I guess he was probably holding the whole Dmin chord, but he just plays those first two notes a few times.

  9. Robert West

    its like our week of summer in uk uk. its 10 am. i hope to have this down before 12.

  10. naxnox1

    I am having a hard time muting E and D, I can kinda mute D but both is hard :/

  11. maxwell escobar

    its great that i bought the book and now i can watch it on you tube .. fantastic thank you so much for putting all your books and videos together ..

  12. bierpunk

    I just learned and played the whole song in one hour, thats motivating! Thank you so much for your lessons and showing us how to rock!

    I especially love how you explain all the Rhytm patterns, Great Job, i will keep on learning 🙂

  13. Joshua Banner

    I think you did a great job teaching this song. In having lots of fun learning it.

  14. Stuart Hartley

    Clearly explained as usual and what a fun song to play on the guitar! Great work Justin.

  15. Alejo Gomez

    Very nice lesson, thanks JustinGuitar!! this song is becoming popular once again because it appears in a movie from my country.
    my regards from Argentina!

  16. Declan Stylofone

    Yeahh, you have nailed the chords for me, thank you so much. This song is brilliant, the narrator is a bit of an arsehole, but you sympathise with him somehow. After all, once you've paid the price for your greed and misdeeds, you still deserve the sunshine. And if that's not good enough for you, tough shit!

    The urge to play and sing it is strong. Now to practise…

  17. SAUBLENS Michel

    Un grand merci à toi Justin , surtout ne t'arrêtes pas, de la part d'un guitariste du sud de la France.

  18. scott matthews

    i love this song. you play it very well, your singing is good too. i can tell you love to perform.

  19. Mahn Reynolds

    "he's effing every c7 i've got" hahah love your adlib lyrics bro, thanks for this

  20. Buffalo Springthorpe

    Just recently discovered your lessons, Justin.  SUNNY AFTERNOON was my first, and you are BRILLIANT!  Played along with the original Kinks version and it was bang on!  My GF and I are songwriters-performers, and wondering if you'd like to get involved with our group? Love your guitar  playing and vocals.  If you ARE interested, please contact me and I'll run some of our originals past you (based on the  songs you cover, I think you'd like our tunes).  And now…I'm off to tackle your BACK IN BLACK lesson…

  21. Glenn Carr

    Brilliant as ever, 18 thumbs down WTF?!! Some muppets clearly don't know what a guitar is!

  22. Jeff Coster

    Excellent lesson and superb playing. I always loved this song and thought it was very clever but the lesson shows just how clever the kinks were. This was a time when great songs were around but most followed a fairly basic chord and blues background. Great innovation from the Kinks. Now just gotta try and play it something like this !

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