How to Play – The Wind Cries Mary – by Jimi Hendrix on guitar – pt 1 Hendrix Guitar Lessons


  1. cameraz99

    Another incredible lesson, Marty! I'm going to practice this until I can do it in my sleep! Thanks!

  2. alblob1

    I would love to see a lightning hopkins lesson, i really enjoy his delta blues

  3. Justin Brooks

    Marty, I've been a massive fan of your videos for a very long time now. You have taught me the basics from chord progression to learning wish you were here by pink floyd a song I hold very dear to my heart. However I've come to a crossroads in my guitar learning progression, I simply cannot perform a clean barre chord. Any personal tricks of the trade that helped you learn? I would give my left nut to play this song!

  4. Bioux Hayes

    Been playing this in E for years. Thank you for showing me the correct way. Totally makes sense now.

  5. Joshua Haken

    Awesome lesson Marty, I'm a massive fan of your teaching style and big it up to the awesome cameraman!

  6. Donnie Blest

    you should start including all your gear in the bio so we know what pedals youre using

  7. Branko Denkovikj

    here's several tips for learning to play guitar
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    Try to play guitar eachday
    Find which process works for you the best.
    (I read these and the reasons they work from Guitar guru method website )

  8. Sir Stashalot

    Thanks Marty! This is so much easier than trying to use the tab lol! but still not easy… at all. But atleast now it makes sense!

  9. Barry Fohn

    Hey there sportsfan, I'm really grateful for some of your lessons, and the way you demonstrate and all, but i have to tell you outstanding job on wind cries mary. I know none of the chords are difficult, but you nailed this one! Thanks for what you do.

  10. wozzlepop

    I may have doubled up on my meds by accident – but whats with the water feature in the background?

  11. Gil Lozada

    awesome! thanks so much! i heard a replay of auditions for howard stern's band this week and this song was played and i said i gotta learn that. and i did this morning, yay! thanks bro. love those embellishments

  12. dcag76

    BS !!!!!!!!!!!!! can not find the whole song because people like this and all these fucking guitar players want to show you that they can play this. they should charge these people money to post bs on here.

  13. joker102877

    Holy crap man! You play nearly identical to the way Hendrix played it. That's amazing!

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