How to Play “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC on Guitar – Guitar Lesson


  1. Erick Altamirano

    I learned so much guitar from you and I was asking if you Could please do Wolfmother Joker and the Thief solo.

  2. CrankyPepper

    Hey Marty i was hoping you'd do this one some day. Could you play some purple?

  3. Kasztan

    Hi Marty! Can you do Dire Straits Expresso Love please?

  4. Edward Nelson

    its my birthday and i got a strat fender!! cant wait to start learning some of marty lessons!!

  5. Zach AP

    Can you do something by john mayer like maybe slow dancing in a burning room, gravity, neon, your body is a wonderland, or no such thing?

  6. James Islas

    Mr. Schwartz, do you think you could do a lesson on "Snowblind Friend" by Steppenwolf?

  7. Roger Rubio

    Hey Marty thanks for helping me get started on the Guitar! Love your work!! Hey can I suggest a tutorial?? "Dust" by Tremonti. And "Wonderful Life" by Alter Bridge

  8. seth sevy

    Marty I know you probably get a lot of requests and so i know mine might not be seen, But could you do a lesson from George Straight please.

  9. Ty Beyeler

    I just started learning the guitar and your videos have helped me a ton. I've gone from knowing nothing to being able to play Wonderwall like a champ. I was wondering if you could make one for Kids by OneRepublic?

  10. Abby

    You should do a cover of The 1975- Somebody Else / Mr.Probz – Waves. Love the videos Marty keep up the great work !

  11. Claudia 1976

    Hey Marty! Can you please do Baby Lemonade by Syd Barrett.theres nothing out there to use so it would really be a great help because the tabs are too confusing for the intro part.Thanks again Marty!

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