How to Practice “Tight Blues Soloing” and Groovy Homework.


  1. Paul Wassel

    Much Love for Neil. Also i appreciate your thing that you do here. I check in from time to time. I love Neils playing and have seen him numerous times with CRB. Matter of fact just last Friday night at The Cap in N.Y. also have caught CATS and am hoping that they will tour more soon.

  2. William Spears

    Check out Hard Working Americans Neal casel Dave schools Duane trucks Todd snider

  3. Mike Gelles

    Can you please share Saturdays children chord progression! I want to loop that shiii so bad

  4. Max Dalby

    Great lesson as usual Ian. Just one question. Am I soloing towards the root note at the end of the current chord or towards the root note at the beginning of the next chord. Not sure that while I solo in bar 4, whether I should be ending the bar on E note (the 1) or the A note(the 4).

  5. Christopher Garner

    Neal Casal's work with Ryan Adams and the Cardinal's is worth checking out if you are not familiar with his previous projects. Check out the Cold Roses Album. Cheers!

  6. Andrew Riscart

    This helped me a lot with back pain. A lot of times when we throw our backs out badly it's because of a slipped disc. She may want to wait until the acute stage is over with. Obviously icing is really important to reduce swelling before any manipulation is done like this. Check it out. I hope she feels better man. I totally can sympathize.

  7. Vern Nickelson

    I think those of us who do not have a looper use the cord to licks practice method all the time. And grow out the beard. It will catch the crumbs and drippings much better.

  8. strawink

    Dude I'm sooooo stoked you started the video out with
    Saturday's children….been loving that lately

  9. Chris VanKula

    New revenue stream: Stich Method Paintings! You already feature them, time to sell and expand the family empire!!

  10. Robert Wilson

    Had to leave the live stream early but just got back and heard the Derek Trucks story. I've seen him around here in Jacksonville a couple of times and he's always been really nice and welcoming. Don't think it was him unless he just had a lot going on at the time.

  11. Jim

    if you want a great little tube amp try a bugera mini amp around 100.00 check out the reviews. igot one about 2 years ago. i thing you will be check them out.Jim F

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