How to Repair Overhead Drum Mics in a Mix


  1. Gabriel

    No agree!Sorry !If there were rec mic drums ,was something else!But for simulate drums is another story !You know as mixer engineer THE ROOM is VERY IMPORTANT !Sow you know aslo if you are rec engineer i do not know, i am that if you add more then you have you introduce air right ?Sow mics capture air too i meen is the principle of acoustic and transmision to this medium right !Once you capture something and apply a procesing thing to a digital data meen that is lost my freind !You only rise the very low energy that you can not hear.Remember that mics can capture from very low energy (sounds) to very hight energy some of them !Sow what you emphasy is what you can not hear but very distorsionated ,You can not rise with out distorsion and is a fake procesing to my opinion !I can not conduct to something very good!I meen it can be done but it s far from original rec if there was one.I am not a critic hear but not totaly agree the principle.If for instance was the ideea t capture kit drums room why not capture the originals ????!

  2. Oz Am

    I get what you are trying to say here. Real drums on a real kit, do not sound that isolated. That's always a dead give-away, that along with the way the cymbals are struck. The cymbals sound too controlled to be believable. It would be great to see this video lesson on a real drum kit with real overheads that capture the variances of different cymbals struck at different angles (as only a drummer can do). Striking a cymbal in a sweeping motion sounds different than a full forward strike. Those types of things are what really make overheads an important part of capturing a real groove of a dynamic drummer. Put this on your "to do"…try this lesson on a real kit with at least 3 crashes, a china, a ride, hats and maybe a bell or splash. Then…give er hell. Good job though in the eq intentions as those are the same regardless of how you got the kit in the mix.

  3. Nelson Gast

    That SubPac makes mixing look like a hardcore adventure…where you don't move your butt.

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