1. Joe Clements

    Hello. We have a small 5 man singing group. We are sending tracks to our sound system with Bluetooth. It sounds pretty good and we think it will work. We think we just need a app or something to stop start our songs. Will this work?

  2. Tim Warner

    Steve, how are you getting the click and the backing track to playback together? I noticed in SoundCue that you can only run one selection / button at a time.

  3. nnerandzic

    Great video, thank you! Any idea how to make a set up with backing tracks (minus tracks) for live performance from A-Z for a solo performer (singer) who lacks band? Thank you.

  4. Vic Deceptor

    Great video man! But I have a question, do you have any click bleed to the other channel? Cause I'm using the same set up (minus the mixer) and the metronome is a bit audible on the channel with the tracks.

  5. Craigr Meister

    Very informative Stephen. Cheers! Just curious however, what's that case you using to store the mixer, cables, etc.?

  6. alsuvi

    Is it possible to send the backing tracks in mono, but to have the click in stereo with this kind of small mixers and and iphone/ipad? I mean, not using a computer and a DAW.

  7. Gábor Kása

    Hi Taylor/Everyone,
    what is required for an mp3 player (FiiO X1 MKII) regarding DI box? Passive or active? Which brand is OK for live shows under 100$ ?

  8. Cody W

    I always just ran full mix of the songs (minus the drums of course) and a click on the right channel and the backing tracks that are needed by the mains on the left. So basically, I am listening to a CD onstage. I'd love to try using the actual live monitor instead of recorded tracks. I just feel like most sound guys in the local scene cant figure out how to do something that's "Different" than their usual way.

  9. Johannes Simmer

    Help me out. As far as i´m getting it. You have one channle running the click and the other one is running the track. So is the track in Mono??.

  10. ShowOne App

    As an alternate app for backing tracks like this – check ShowOne out! We give you lots of versatility and nifty features, and you don't have to prepare clicks to one side – the app does it for you. Free to try, check it out! 😀

  11. Duncan Hazlewood

    "You don't have to get paid for everything in life, people. Some things are just cool to tell other people about." Right on!

  12. Aaron Tuffin

    When came u use Sound cloud for play along as well for when u play with the in ears running thru the mixing board?

  13. Michael K.

    Excellent video. Do you know if this would be a good setup for a solo artist working off tracks? Or is this overkill. I'm finding that small venues make you switch your own tracks. Thanks for any info you can provide.

  14. Biker Bmw

    Really useful video Stephen, especially now that im looking to work solo. A question if you dont mind, where do you get your backing tracks from? Are they midi tracks or wav tracks? Thx so much!

  15. Vasco Martins

    Hey man. Thanks a lot for this video, it really helped! I do have one question: which D.I. Box should I get? Any special one?

  16. Matt J

    Great video, Is there an easy way like this to output the sequences in stereo? Our producer says it would sound way better live, but all the tutorials i see seem to output the sequences in mono

  17. Thomas Kuerlemann

    hi…I use audacity to put all my tracks there along with the click, then I make sure they are all in sync and I pan the click to the left and all the other tracks are panned right, then I export it as single MP3 to my desktop. When I check the new MP3, I see that its a stereo file with all tracks to the right and the click track to the left. Unfortunately, when I play the song out of my laptop to my mixer (using 1/8 cable from laptop split to (2) 1/4 males – which I put 1 plug into channel 1 on the mixer and the other plug into channel 2 of the mixer)…I then use the pan knobs on each channel and turn one all the way to the left and one all the way to the right….but I'm still getting a mix of both the click track and backing track….they are not separate tracks…I don't seem to get just click track on channel 1 and just backing tracks on channel 2?? . . . . any ideas?

  18. Maxwell Brewer

    Wouldn't that make the backing tracks your sending to the audience mono? If you bounce 2 of the same backing track, one hard right and one hard left with the click, the audience would hear the whole track but not the panning effect done on the mix of the backing track. Wouldn't you want your audience to hear the stereo effect of the backing track?

  19. Randy Borawski

    Late to the party but what is the advantage to using the app vs. just playing the tracks in a playlist in iTunes/Music app?

  20. Sam Elgin

    there's a similar app to sound cue called Prime. it allows you to run tracks and click and also mix them as well. it's the cheaper way to do clicks and separate tracks without ableton. it's free but I believe all the uploading has to be done through the cloud. I would use it for my stuff if I wasn't also using ableton to control lights to the click and tracks

  21. andyznuff

    Can you download or transfer your backing track files from iTunes to the app on your phone? And if not using a phone to store the backing tracks, what device do you recommend? ipod? laptop?

  22. John Groh

    Ok possible dumb question…are the click and backing tracks two different files that you combine in the app? Or is it one file with the click panned hard left and backing track panned hard right?

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