I Walk The Line Johnny Cash-TRAVIS PICKING STYLE- Lesson 2


  1. Kevin Mchugh

    Your lessons are NOT intimidating, they are very good and easy to follow!

  2. Peter Bland

    Hi Bob thanks again for your very patient tuition.I hit 70 last monday so thats my excuse for slowness,I`m getting there because I certainly have the bug and love playing [alone]and the errors are fewer.Singing and playing together at the moment seems a long way off but would love to try it.
    Cheers Peter

  3. yandeni

    Hi Bob,
    When I mute the strings with right hand (Travis style) it is not easy for me to reach the A# note with my index, E5 chord, last beat. It is too far, the gap is too big and it hurts my left shoulder. Maybe it will get used to but meanwhile I'd like to try, for the sake of fingering, to play with a capo in order to bring the left hand closer to the bridge. I tried several frets, but none seems suited. What fret do you advise? The use of capo is still a little mysterious for me! Big thanks.

  4. Mal Blodget

    I think it would be good to learn the singing part of this as well. It might cover some guitar mistakes and… perhaps our cousin's dog might join in with some howling. This dog loves the guitar, even just playing chords keeps him intrigued.

  5. Jarvey Brown

    Yes Bob , I want to sing it too. I like to sing with my music plus it keeps the rats off my property.

  6. Jarvey Brown

    Hello Bob. Love your lessons. Much, much better then the guitar lessons I took back in '64. I've been wanting to learn Travis style since the first time I heard Chet, and now with you I'm learning and loving it! Thanks Bob. Jarvey Brown

  7. Fritz Ruttimann

    I can not sing, and of course not pick or strum and change cords plus sing. Due to lacking of coordination skills of a beginner.

  8. Jim K

    Bob, I’m a singer, albeit not the best. So, I am interested in singalongs! Thanks for what you do.

  9. Ernst Krause

    I have send you a mail with lesson 2. I have a little problem with this lesson . I mean, if i play the jumpnote, it don't sound very well ( as you can hear on my recording). Certainly, i can play the jumpnote with my thumb , but that is not the exercice and the jumpnote sound the same and i don't think that it has to sound the same? Any tip ?

  10. Admin

    Hey Bob ! I 'm really happy to learn from you and you're the reason I did not give up on learning guitar ❤️❤️🙌 👍🏻👍🏻

  11. Laluca

    HI Bob, I have bought a metronome, installed Tuxguitar and listened carefully to your pep talk to start playing slowly. Quess what …. it works and also the transfer to the next chord is much smoother then before. Practise is so much fun now and it goes better every day. Thanks a lot!

  12. Graeme Larsen

    Graeme NZ down under
    Bob, love your lessons, please include sing alongs, it makes it just that much more. Cheers

  13. Tony White

    Really like the way you are presenting these lessons Bob. By giving us just a section of the song at a time gives us the chance to get to grips with that part before the next lesson. Much appreciated.

  14. discover3d1

    the last time I tried to sing someone asked me if I was in I needed a doctor, apparently  I sounded like I was in pain,  one person rang the RSPCA believing that a cat was being throttled.. So I shall definitely be leaving the singing to the more talented of our group.  but thanks for another great lesson Mr H.

  15. Stephan Cotton

    Bob,  Great version of I Walk the Line and yes, add vocal, please.  Also, I'm finding the tabs a bit confusing.  I think it's tabbed out as sixteenth notes, but you have the timing as if it were eight notes (1&2& etc.). Can you explain?  Sorry for my density.

  16. Laura Love

    I am not a singer so I like to play my fingerstyle so people recognize the songs and maybe they will sing for me (ha ha). I am really enjoying these lessons…I have been with you from your beginning lessons so I am really enjoying this and it is not too hard for me. I can see how for new people it might be challenging but I like how you break it down for them too. .it does not hurt to practice a beginner lesson before moving on to something harder.. You were right when you said our biggest enemy is we want to play too fast.. Thanks so much for all you do Bob. You are generous and giving with your time.

  17. jwegreyhounds

    Hi Bob. Thanks for the Johnny Cash lessons. Would you please share the name/model of your metronome. Thanks, Jim

  18. yandeni

    Hi Bob, once again I admire how progressive your teaching is. We can not feel overwhelmed because the small difficulties or novelties are so well dosed. Everything is so clear, it's great! The reflex of using the index (instead of the thumb) on the 3rd and 8th beats is not spontaneous but can be learned quickly.
    As for the sung version, a big YES and THANKS! It doesn't seem too hard. I listened to a lot of performances or covers by Johnny Cash himself, but also many other artists. The lyrics seem to "stick" perfectly to the rhythm.This was not the case with Amazing Grace, whose lyrics in English were adapted from the original German version. At work now!

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