If You Could Read My Mind Gordon Lightfoot Guitar Lesson


  1. Gibby

    Nice lesson Larry…very helpful….sorry that you took the time to do this for FREE! And people still find something to bitch about….hope you can do some more G lightfoot in the future…

  2. The Last Rebel Show

    If you need the reason he's tuned down, and the reason he's capoed, and why he is calling the third fret the first fret all explained to you. Then You Are Not Ready To Play This Song! Get it? Got lt? GOOD!

  3. Pen Umbra

    killin it man… would you kill yourself if I asked you why you tuned down and then used the capo? 😀

    Thank you brother… my dad will shit when I play this

  4. aguilarxx

    Awesome Tab. The only spot on version available! thanks so much.

  5. Michael D'Antico

    Thank you man. Genius as always. Always loved this song. I play but always found this one a bit difficult. This tutorial has got me wanting to take another stab at it.

  6. Jean Lau

    Thanks for doing this awsome song. GL is my all time songwriter hero, along with Croce and Taylor.  all the best to you Larry

  7. Ian Cal Ford

    Great job thank you. Ive been playing that and Sundown wrong ahahah, now I aint 🙂 thank you.

  8. John Hardin

    Hey Larry, thanks for doing this. It's great! Thought the top comment ought to be something positive.

  9. g Jensen

    Thank You Larry, that sounded great. And you sing and play it just with real feeling and sound just like the record. And I could follow your instructions easily. How did you learn to figure all this out? It would take me forever to come up with this stuff. Thanks!

  10. Rich DiBiase

    A+ Larry ! Thanks for the lesson. I really really wish you'd publish more lessons!!

  11. Don Eagle

    There's one in jackass in every crowd…Keep rolling Larry this lesson is great. Thanks so much for sharing

  12. gerry macpherson

    Jeez…I'm exhausted listening to you stating the obvious…I gave up on you after 4 mins………

  13. Ronald Payne

    Bravo Larry,saw G.Lightfoot live in 2014,at age 74,still going strong,your well versed as Gord plays with another guitarist,very nice melodies,and you did a fine job,Ol Gord would be proud,btw he has a very good sense of humour….

  14. carsrule78

    ur a patient , good teacher, and u can certainly sing. I've always wanted to learn this song,and now I almost got it ! thanks a lot,keep it up, if u can.!!

  15. Rye

    Thank you taking the time to make this video. I find it really useful. Just by going through the video once I have got it.

  16. Carbon Crank

    I've been playing this for decades and I just learned about a dozen subtleties I didn't have. Like the 7th in that f# rooted D chord. I always figured the turn around was an overdub. Guess I should have given Gorden more credit than that. And I'm glad you added that big C with the add 9 in the chorus.

    About that song. It's one of those songs where the very first time I heard it I knew it was going to be a huge hit and make him very very famous. The chorus perfectly expresses a universal feeling. "Never though I could feel this way and I have to say that I just don't get it." Then it drills into the heart. "I don't know where we went wrong.. but the feeling's gone.. and I just can't get it back".

    All of us have had that feeling in our gut at some point. That's how to get famous. Express a universal feeling in your art.

    I have to admit there are times when I play this and when I come to that second line I have trouble keeping my emotions in check.

    I've got Wichita lineman down sot hanks again Larry.

  17. Guy Rodgers

    Thank you, Larry. I've always tried to play this in the key of A using A shapes. Using G shapes, finally it sounds right!

  18. michael delaney

    Great work Larry, you are surely dedicated to your craft and are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone. One thing I tried was instead of striking the hammer on I would just maintain the pattern and hammer on as I strike the 4th string simultaneously, or slightly staggered sounds even better.

  19. urgulp

    Best tutorial on here. Your guitar just sings with beautiful tone. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  20. David Hallmark

    Larry, thanks for your patience and thoroughness. "Don't go changing" …..keep doing what you're doing. Kudos to you. I learn from you every time I tune in to your video lessons (scordatura or standard) ………. peace.

  21. Mick Bacher

    Mighty fine guitar work. Your skills and presentations are inspiring. Thanks.

  22. Shane Boyer

    thanks for your help. wish you lived in florida..check out my vocal cover of this, let me know what you think..

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