In The Style Of Black Sabbath on guitar by Mike Gross(


  1. quit293

    Awesome i know someone aske in style ufo. Yes i want to see in style of shenker

  2. Daniel Itskovich

    Can you plz do Disturbed style? but somthing no to hard so beginers can get it aswell. btw idea-2 rifs-one simple one more defficult:) I really liked the leasson!

  3. cronic67

    mike can you please make a demo of hard life to love by black the eternal idol album. thanx

  4. Luke Glackin

    Loved this mike been on a massive Sabbath kick recently do you recon you could do a lesson on sign of the southern cross by sabbath

  5. Yar

    how about in the style of anthrax i

  6. James Sobotka

    In the style of UFO would be great, if you have the time please if you could this that would be much appreciated

  7. TheButton Masher

    I love your "in the style of videos". Would you consider showing a brief creative process of how you might create 1 of these or your general songwriting process. It would be a helluva vid. Thanks for sharing & the inpiration

  8. Borrshammer

    Great lesson mike, would you considering doing the intro riff of "Ropes" by In Flames?

  9. Flamingo Briefs

    Please please please make a tutorial for "Southern Weather" by The Almost or "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park. PLEASE?! <3

  10. Dave

    Yeah in the style of videos are wicked. How about in Danzig (first four albums only) cheers from London England

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