Jazz Blues Analysis – The Variations you need to know


  1. Jens Larsen

    Do you have a favourite Blues Reharmonization or variation that you play? Always great to know more variations so please leave a comment!

  2. Alban Blue

    Hi, great video.I would like to point out that- the traditional and usefull- #IV Voicing you used is in fact a B° #5.

  3. Eugene Yakovlev

    Thank you Jens again and again!
    Very often I can see that jazz musicians sing along with playing (for example Andreas Oberg:

    How to do it? How to get prehearing of what you will play in next second? Can you make video in this topic?

  4. Ron Askew

    Not all dominant, except by bar-bands. the All-Dominant version is just that, A version. The original Jazz Blues still exists.

  5. jon wil

    My money says if you had not chosen to become a virtuoso on the guitar you would have been a rocket scientist. LOL Great presentation; thank you for sharing.

  6. Shuzies

    This is Good….Helps a lot……………Thank You…..rc

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