Jimmy Page’s Chopin Prelude n.4 – Arms Concert New York 1983


  1. Oni das Alagoas

    Some of you are really, reaaaaally, lazy about reading the description, or saying it is a fake without having the knowledge to say that. Apart from that, the audio seems to be recorded out of the amp without any kind of effects, that's why it looks so sloppy, and the video was too recorded out of sync.

    For those that does not believe its Page:







    -When they played stairway, clapton shouted at the end, just listen CLAPTON WORDS:

    I can understand if you don't like the video or the performance, but that does not means this is not James Patrick Page. Check other versions if you would like, there are some in my channels and many more around the youtube.

  2. Surrealspace

    wtf, jimi page in his heyday. The dude was one of the Gods of Rock and Roll. Show some respect! All that emotion, that be how God plays the Guitar. Fucking Jimi Page rules!!!

  3. Jazz Katua

    The violin bow at the end is just a gimmick; not really 'used' to make muzak, uhh mesick, uhh music better 😀
    Page was amazing with L.Z., but I think he turned the Page himself with playing this kinda sh*t (fill in the letter yourself; HINT: it's a vowel) 😀

  4. Marc Andre

    Ce n'est pas mauvais, c'est très mauvais. Je peux faire pire avec une boite de lessive et trois élastiques.

  5. bio ROBOT

    for some reason he plays this like a three year old retard, his own stuff resonates this not, utter garbage

  6. 320 Parks

    1:16 of screaming ovation to start & the appropriate "sloppy JP" larger than life histrionics.

  7. quiflington

    out of tune bullshit. really fucking embarrassing. somewhere after Houses he turned into a turd monkey live. he still could produce in the studio but live he was a turd monkey.

  8. Mimis Levandes

    This awful sound couldn't produced by Jimmy Page's guitar. It belongs to a troll.

  9. youfilin

    true times. true emotions. true crowd and artists. great analog time! thanks for that.

  10. Ghetto MAn

    Anyone can have an off day. Page is more a studio gangsta than a guitarist anyway. He was editing guitar part 30 years before protools. John Paul jones was the real led in Led Zeppelin.

  11. Kevin Leavy

    Awful string bends, on a already out of tune guitar … that's a disaster waiting to be heard ! My ears !!

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