John Butler Guitar Lessons


  1. Nicholas

    Is there a name for what he's doing at the start for the warm up?

  2. radmagichat

    The thing is.. you have to play your show the way you normally would and practice John Butler style when you have the time to do that sort of thing

  3. Tony Harrison

    This is the exact guitar he used to record ocean look at the condition of the guitar in this video there is practically nothing wrong minus the obvious friction marks at the rear. then watch the 12min version of john butler ocean and look at the condition of it there 

  4. Benjamin Husson

    For the intro song which is really badass and doesn't exist on any official record.

  5. Andrew Rothschild

    Everyone relax, if you don't see … he's playing on a 12 string electric while (some) are playing on a 6 string acoustic without an amp.

    Plus his nails give him an ordinary advantage, so yes he does have a unique sound … to the extent of having raptor nails.

    Still love him though

  6. Yaza Studios

    I hope someone has replied to you earlier. I'm sorry you've been deprived of that great song for 3 months "/ The song is called "Devil Running" off grand national. Enjoy it man!

  7. WestInvader

    There is no songs, it's only exercises, his technicals and a big mix of all i like do.

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