Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry, Part 2: Rhythm | Guitar Lesson | Accurate and Complete


  1. Peter Cousins

    like the lesson, but wrong guitar does'nt sound right a Pearless gigmaster, Gretsch 6120 or a 'Gibbo' more suitable as Berry used hollowbody.
    otherwise great!!!

  2. kelz s

    Great guitar teacher. I appreciate all your free lessons its very generous of you and along with the other teachers out in youtube

  3. Krusty Buzzard

    I see your playing your jm more than the Tele now days any particular Reason? not that I don't like the jm on the contrary. also have you used the jaguar at all I've been playing one since the 60s.and it seems like no one plays them much anymore.

  4. Eric Jones

    I really like your vedios, would like to see you do the solos for sweet home alabama by the true 70s Lynyrd Skynyrd

  5. Yuval Legendtofski

    Blues in B-flat is the boogie! Chuck Berry, Stooges, Joy Division – you are really teaching an essential rock n roll paradigm there!

  6. anpr1984

    Very nicely done. Great sound. Perhaps a little spoken tribute to the great man ?

  7. lee shafer

    what chord is that slid up three finger thing? you are one of the clearest teachers! also can you post julian cope songs when he was at his peak( because of don ross skinner on guitar) and the heartbreakers LAMF songs?

  8. Stephen A

    Marty saying it was in b put me off for years! No wonder I could never play along. What a butthead.

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