Joni Mitchell “California” – Guitar Lesson in Standard Tuning


  1. Maddie Vile

    Love this! Thank you so much! Would you consider doing a Ladies of the Canyon by Joni guitar tutorial?

  2. 28mary06

    love love love this beautiful voice!!!!! thanks for the great lesson!!!!!

  3. Obiwazz

    Wow, a great lesson, you have really worked out how to convey the chords and various aspects of the song. Thank you so much. Subscribed

  4. Ato Cox

    Never heard of this song(Perhaps my Dad  has).but it I like it and I'm sure someone out there will want me to play it . So I will get around to learning it…

  5. bony tarnes

    came here to learn a song but ended up gawping at the extremely hot lady with the beautiful voice! nice playing too dude, also nice beard and good lesson, great vid thanks!

  6. karine

    Oh my wooord! I've been looking for a decent lesson on this song , in vain, and there you are! youtube suggestions are sometimes lucky ones, after all! You are so brilliant, you give me the chills! Awsome! awsome! 🙂

  7. dulciboy

    Pretty gutsy to try some Joni vocals. Chick, you pulled it off GREAT !!!!! Great walking on the guitar too. Great video

  8. Wild Feather

    I can't believe someone requested this! I always feel so old-school when it come to the songs I like. Most people I know wouldn't care to learn this song. I love it! And have wanted to learn it for a while now. I'll be practicing this for the next coming weeks. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  9. dmagnin

    WOW!!!!! thanks !!! Love your Joni!!!! and the singer:)

  10. Vito Adrian

    hey, what is the name of that black thing on the guitars hole?,,


  11. Nipun Haritash

    Hey Rob, this is Nipun from India; my 8 year old son and I are your greatest fans back here in India 🙂 You are such an amazing and pure soul, my little kid follows every song that you teach. He plays Hotel California and Let it be, of course learnt from your tutorials. And I used to just play rhythm, and i am trying all your licks and riffs so patiently like never before. God Bless You Rob and keep this awesome stuff coming. Kudos and clap clap clap… 🙂
    Also 😛 could you do " Jesus to a Child " by Mr.George Michael someday. Greetings from across seven seas. Regards

  12. metak

    What a voice! And nice guitar playing, gonna practice it right now ????

  13. TheRealZurkio

    Amazing Video 🙂 I have a question, could you do a Tutorial for "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against? I would love you forever 😀

  14. Clément Gaudet

    Funny, I heard that song yesterday on the radio! Reminded me I should listen to J. Mitchell more often.
    I assume she used to play it in open tuning but which one is it ?
    Thank you again Rob and what a talented friend you have there. 🙂

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