Keeley Dark Side Guitar Effect Pedal – Does it sound like Pink Floyd?


  1. Jeff Ali

    Do you have any compression happening? Especially around 7: minutes sounds like compression.

  2. Shadowplaytime

    Surely it does… by treating the signal of the right guitar, played by the right hands…! πŸ˜‰

  3. Carl Anderson

    I really liked all the clean/rhythm parts. So many classic Gilmour modulation sounds! Close enough to my ears. This would be a killer pedal for a guitarist in a cover band.

    And can we talk about how rad the guitar playing itself is!?! I've been working my way through the whole DSOTM album, and the parts aren't easy for sure!

  4. Gallus

    The fuzz is a bit too waspy on this for my liking, the pedal would probably stack quite well with a dedicated fuzz like a Ram's Head clone or Green Russian.

  5. Shubham Bhatt

    first of, that Time solo is amazing. you got that timing and licks down man… and I fucking love that strat πŸ˜€

  6. shafta99

    sounds good, i love guitars but was terrible at playing one. gave up so people to save other people from ear torture. lol.

  7. Carl Ryder

    I could sit there and watch you play Floyd all night with a big smile on my face. Sounds great to me. Nice playing.

  8. mahmut kara

    lol you play awesome but you vibrate so much, you don't need to vibrate that much man. sometimes it kills the music.

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