Korn – Drums & Bass solo Ray Luzier ft Tye Trujillo Live Bogota 2017 04 17


  1. daishou13

    You know Robert has a big fucking proud grin on his face. This kid is fucking kewl!

  2. Dark Coven

    Ummm Robert, we have a favor to ask you, would it be okay if we use your son on this tour our Bassist cant make it?

  3. rollerboy

    Cool, I have seen them a bunch of times maybe because it is out of the country but Ray has a different drum setup than normal.

  4. Josh Byrns

    Does anyone know how long Tye's stint in the band is gonna be? I'm gonna see Korn May 21st at Rock On The Range. I just wonder if Tye will be there. I'm a big fan of his dad's from his ST days and Tye is just as talented.

  5. TheKille22

    Like father like son. The kid plays great for his age and looks like Fieldy is going to have a run for his money…plus Ray Luzier is the best thing that happened to Korn after Dave left…

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