Lady Antebellum – How To Play “Need You Now” on Guitar


  1. B LeeB

    That was sweet. That guitar is pimp as well. Thanks!


    What's odd is how can you have a thumbs down with the actual guy who played the song .SHEESH

  3. Taksim zaman

    Always loved this song. But now I see this. Guys honestly, it’s not much but you just gained a lifetime fan.

  4. TherdKoast

    Thanks for the lesson👍🏻 I'm playing this for my Valentine soon… My 1st country song and I've been playing guitar for 30 years… Can't stop playing Metal🤘🏻😎

    I love this song though, very soulful and emotional.

  5. Jules B

    All credit. It's great getting the chords straight from the horses mouth.

  6. B.j. Surfdog

    Great Video Dave! Thanks for sharing. I was just listening to this song while driving thinking how precise your rhythm playing is. It appears your only doing downstrokes on the verse and change to up/down strokes for the Chorus. It's a revelation.

  7. Lanie Brett

    nice instructor…I really like It the way u teach…can u

  8. Tomasz Kaczor

    Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. This song is great and your tutorial is the best. Thank you.

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