Led Zeppelin “Over The Hills and Far Away” pt 2 Guitar Lesson


  1. fu hjk

    Marty you are awesome. I get so frustrated with other instructors and you are an incredible communicator. You have so much talent and you make it fun to learn guitar again. I love your style and you bring my playing to another level even with the songs that I already know. Thank you so much bro!

  2. Anonymous User

    Can you teach some sex pistols maybe holidays in the sun or Anarchy in the uk? Nice video by the way loving the content right now👍🏻

  3. Ben Smith

    Please do a tutorial on john Mayer slow dancing in a burning room

  4. Charles Huggins

    Great video. Always informative as usual…..Any chance of doing "The Ocean" by Zeppelin?

  5. nawed ali

    Hey Marty can you gift me one guitar. I do not have enough money to buy it. I learn on a broken guitar

  6. kr3wGLD13579

    Hey Marty just wondering what you were smoking in the part 1 video. I could have sworn you said D A A G… I thought that sounded wrong, it’s really G D D A right? Or am I high?

  7. Connor Teran

    Would love a tutorial for ive got my love to keep me warm since christmas is coming up. Thanks Marty

  8. Darcy Childs

    Hey brother, I love and appreciate all your passion and hard work. You have made me a better player while making learning guitar much more fun. I do have one question though. It is regarding the choice of which guitar you use for various songs. It may only be an intellectual exercise, but I would be curious as to your thoughts on how and why you pick the guitar you are going to use for your lessons. Thanks for all your help.

  9. Reece Ortiz

    Hell yeah stoked on this lesson. Still waitin on some slightly stoopid

  10. legomonion harry

    Hey Marty! You should do a tutorial on how to play Life by Chocolate Genuis. I've been dying to learn that song and haven't been able to find a reliable source for learning it.

  11. Apendiglo Duo

    Thanks Marty, often I though how much Led Zep I really aught to know. This was a good refresher for me thanks.

  12. Kyle K

    Just sitting here watching this video at work, wishing I was home playing with my Gibson. Honestly, I am happy just listening to the Zeppelin rifts… my request – more Zeppelin!!!

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