Let’s Stay Together, Al Green, Fingerstyle Guitar, Jake Reichbart, lesson available!


  1. Jake Reichbart

    Welcome to my 408th solo fingerstyle jazz guitar on YouTube, Let’s Stay Together, Al Green. Simply taking care of very old business, I have been requested to post an arrangement of this song for years by many people, not the least Dr. Rich, this is for you! Kindly subscribe, share, comment and please consider supporting me by purchasing my video lessons so I can continue to post weekly videos of the guitar arrangements we all love. Thanks, Jake

  2. shatnershairpiece

    Jake, how many of these songs can you actually recall without practicing? I learn lots of songs but I basically forget them within two weeks if I don’t practice them.

  3. xncmnhj

    would it be easier if you capo 1st fret using E shape chords?

  4. Rich Heard

    Hey, Hey! Here it is! It was worth the wait my friend. Awesome job! Nothing like a little Al Green to end the day here in Africa. Love it! Thank you

  5. mantovannni

    One of my favourite love songs, I knew instantly I was in for a good time. Many thanks Jake, all the best.

  6. Brett Schaefer

    Jake, you created another gem!
    Kudos for an awesome rendition/interpretation of this classic.

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