Major Blues Soloing Tips and Tricks – Lick of the Week


  1. ntambwe amuri

    Hey Maestro… Thanks for the teaching. I am Amuri from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kinshasa is a city with 12 Mio people. A lot of guitar players down hier, and most of them do appreciate the job you are doing. God bless you maestro.

  2. Mary Jane

    could you learn simple man and do a tutorial on it? i really need it and i like how you teach

  3. Klára Buriánková

    Hi, could you please do a tutorial for song called Trouble form Lidnesy Buckingham, acustic version. I would apreciate it, thank you))

  4. Andrew P

    None of the links in the video seem to work for me?
    Great video though!

  5. swiftlessons

    Hello friends,
    Thanks so much for your patience as I prepared this lead guitar tutorial. This lesson follows up on some of the info I've taught before about how to use pentatonics to jam over major and minor progressions. We'll review that first, before learning a sweet lick from the major pentaotnic box. $1 patrons can follow this link to view tabs:

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