martin d15 bridge shave mitchels plate mate install part 1of3


  1. G Hopkins

    Good video. I've had a D18 with a shaved bridge that worked well. However, I'm looking at getting a 000-15. The one I can pick up cheap needs a reset. The saddle is low and the strings are high. Can these mortise and tenon necks be reset with any degree of success? I'd rather get a reset if it isn't too expensive making the guitar not worth buying

  2. Leonard Winchester

    Randy y friend, I just took a pleasure trip through a lot of you past videos. IMHO, I recommend all of us who gratefully subscribe to your channel do so. Your help videos have provided many, including me with problems that might otherwise cost us dearly. Furthermore,
    You and your Son are indeed considerably talented. You need not worry at all about some insignificant wannabe doubling as a jealous, hypocritical deadbeat troll. Thank you kind sir for all you do.

  3. chickengnawer

    So if the Pin Hole Reamer Hits It, I guess that will take some of the Brass away too, WITHOUT Hurting the Plate or Reamer??
    Also-What's the Dimensions of that Plate Mate, itself?

  4. Mr. BaRa

    Great video..
    Hey friend
    I have subscribed, please subscribe to my channel

  5. Cesar Blues  Guitar

    Randy- it migh be just my impression because of the camera’s perspective but looks like the saddle slot has a lot of angle for compensation….also looks like the Ironman is coming back…..

  6. Jerry Cates

    Looks like the strap now removed after removing strings. I have seen that before knew you would figure it out! Had confidence in you. Enjoy the videos.

  7. luca orsini

    Great!! I followed your work with great enthusiasm. Congratulations Randy Schartiger !! You are very good. I am subscribed to the channel!! I like it!! Greetings, Luca.

  8. sevaksky

    That's right Randy; you just need two string and two fingers when you are at home playing, and only one finger when you go out in the public.

  9. Leonard Winchester

    Was this an I don't want to do a neck set video so, I'll drop the bridge decision? This is What I would do until I am forced to do the reset.
    My concern is, What would Ironman say? lol. The house that sleeps real well might be fighting insomnia after this job. oh well.
    Another great job from the house that never sleeps.

  10. Dean Macka

    It just goes to show that Mr Randy does not read his comments if he did he would of read many times TAKE THE FUCKING STRINGS OFF THEN REMOVE THE FACKING STRAP!! Randy. Oh well he may work it out

  11. Thomas Tommy

    Sorry I not been on. My wife is very sick. I have been spending as much time as possible with her at the hospital. Randy take the strings off the guitar and the strap will slide up over the top of the neck. I think. I'm not thinking very well.if I'm wrong for give me, lol. Thanks for sharing your video.

  12. Johnnie Goode

    I thought the action on acoustics was supposed to be high? Something about it helps make them sound bigger and deeper?

  13. kommi1974

    Do you shoot for 1/2" clearance from top of guitar to bottom of D string at the bridge? (Or is it the E or A, cant remember) I know neck angle will affect that, and also bridge height.

  14. UzerAbuzer

    Sup Randy. Love when you get those Martins.
    Ironman the asshole is back and now he's saying he's moving to Beverly Hills into Cheech and Chong's house. What the fuck he been smokin? LMMFAO

  15. Dane Nichols

    Looks good Randal, lucky for your customer that bridge stated out pretty high. Do you think it will be brighter sounding with the little bit of brass in there?

  16. Randy Schartiger

    hey yall don['t forget to click this link and go show this fat fuck some love! he's ongoing with his shit so now I have to get on with mine!

    And in case that isn't enough, hell is coming plastic fat boy, I hope you are ready for it!

  17. Ed Dana

    You have inspired me to get my Epiphone acoustic out of the case. If it's screwed up you will hear from me..

  18. Mike Magnum

    Randy, it always strikes me as funny when you break out the belt sander and go to work on a bridge that way….. I know that you know what you're doing and that the job will turn out just fine, but I can't help laughing a little every time I see you "sanding away" with that big Ol belt sander atop a guitar like that! I sure don't know a better way to get r done than that! See you on the second edition my friend.

  19. Steve Harris

    I like that sound think I will make my guitar a 2 string.!!!!))) What were you setting your caliper against in the peg hole? What caused the high action? Good video Randy!!!!)))????????????????????????????????????????

  20. Cam

    How about adding power pins and a bridge doctor and we're all set……wait a minute….I'm on the wrong channel!

  21. Suzanna Crawford

    She's on'er way! Can't wait to hear her sing again. Wished they made those platemates in 12 string configuration, I would try it on my D12-20. Great job. Have a great evening. Hoold Ooon:D

  22. cliveclive54

    Well I know one thing,if anyone can do's you Randy! Rock on mate and cheeers! 🙂

  23. 12Radius

    Yeah man ! good action coming on that! no one will ever know lol. ever use that black dye from stew mac. ? ebonyize it right up.I have used it it cool.

  24. kevin sumner

    Randy you scare me every time you get that belt sander anywhere near a guitar, but it always works out in the end. Nice work!

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