Marty Robbins – El Paso – Chords, Easy Acoustic Songs for Guitar, Beginner Country Guitar Lessons


  1. cseeger1

    I''ve been half watching this guy's videos for quite awhile . They just keep popping up, so it's not like I'm searching for his stuff and haven't given him any thought beyond the obvious: (1) he's a total goob, which is cool but not rock star cool, (2) he's a so so player, an average intermediate at best, and (3) he makes weak sauce video both in terms of content and video production. The same thing that can be said for 99% of the channels out there which is what you would expect. Don't get me wrong, I'm building up to something.

    So Imagine my surprise when, being a charitable mood, I thought I would throw Pudge a bone and subscribe to his little bullshit channel and his amateur videos of mediocre three-chord pop songs. My jaw dropped straight to the floor. ONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED FUCKING THOUSAND SUBS?!?!? WTF?!?!?!?! This Uber Goobewr? I am stunned, gobsmacked, shocked, in disbelief. I can honestly say that I have never been this surprised by anything on You Tube as I am right now looking at a picture Swoon Boy and a subscriber figure of *ONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED FUCKING THOUSAND!!!! * a The lucky mother fucker. I must be dreaming.

    I don't begrude his luck, good for him, but yeah I'd be lying if I said I didn't compare my skills to Goob-a-lube. The thing is there are …..? what? a thousand guitar lesson channels easy with far better content from 10X better player teachers and none of those dudes have more than like 100K subs and most are way below that., more like 25k which is a lot of subscribers frankly for this type of channel. And yet, here is with 1,600,000 subscribers and raking in serious bank. Gotta be somewhere in the $200K range annually. Absolutely amazing. My hat's off to ya Pudge, you're a better man than I pulling this off, that's for damn sure. I am green with envy but not spiteful. Enjoy the ride. Incredible….just incredible.

    Edit: Yeah, went ahead and subbed anyways.

  2. Jonathan Gal

    Does anyone know any good, downloadable drum tracks that would fit nicely with El Paso? In general, how would you describe an appropriate drum track? I found one that is in 3/4, but it doesn't seem to roll well with El Paso.

  3. PyrateDog

    cool! clear, which is important, & funnee, too, which is importanter!

  4. Alex Reimer

    Dear Marty,
    When I started playing guitar, I learned a lot of beginner songs from your channel. Many of which I still enjoy to play today. If you could maybe teach some harder songs to keep up with some of your viewers, that would be great. If you teach harder songs you can test peoples' ability of playing guitar which will help them grow as a guitarist. Also, if you could do a tutorial for the song I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, that would be great. It's a really good acoustic guitar piece that I think many people would enjoy to learn.

  5. TheCelduin

    A lesson of big iron from marty robbins would be amazing too ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Kaan Corlu

    mr.Marty i am your big fan and thank you for everything i learned playing guitar because of you!!! i started to watching your videos at october and now i now can play all chords and bare chords thank you my big hero you are awesome !!!! (I'm 15 year old)

  7. Patrick Mack

    Can you please do an intermediate Van Halen song with tapping? You really don't have any of their songs….

  8. SolarReturn

    Great lesson on Marty…Marty!!!๐Ÿ˜ I knew Marty's wife Marizona Robinson. Yes, Marty's real last name is Robinson. One of the nicest persons I've ever met. Down to earth and a very nice Christian lady. Thanks for covering this song and remembering the great Marty Robins(on) You got excellent musical taste my friend.

  9. mattias ericsson

    Hey Marty! Could you possibly do a video about how to play N'syncs "gone"? Would be so appreciative.

  10. Captive Bolt

    Marty, long time subscriber… awesome video- really enjoy the lessons on older songs. Very much appreciated. I'd like to propose "time is on my side" as a future video. Thanks for all of your hard work, and providing a way for people to learn the guitar.

  11. Kenneth Mobley


    ย ย ย ย  Where can I go to request a song tutorial. I have been asked by my daughter who is going through a tough time to learn a song to play with her as she sings. The thing is that I am only just barely able to hold my own on guitar and it is nearly impossible for me to pick a song apart to learn on my own. I just had a fantastic thought though that if anyone could help me it would be you. It is Lewis Watson Droplets. If it is better for you that I become a member of your web site I would be more than happy and sure that it would be a great investment as well. Either way thank you.

  12. ZombieLacoste

    Marty I would be very thankful if you did a video on Mumford & Sons Snake Eyes! Itยดs an awesome music!

  13. billy stephens

    +martyzsongs hi Marty, please can you do a full lesson on Gotten by Slash. I'm doing this song for a festival later this year and need a bit of help. Thanks

  14. Horacio Garcia

    As someone from El Paso and regularly plays sports at Marty Robbins park, thanks for the lesson

  15. tie oneon

    now thats what I'm talkn bout willis

    way to throw in those fills etc

  16. danny lyons

    Amazing as always marty๐Ÿ˜€ as expected. Wouldn't b were i am with a guitar without U!!! Thanks again for the lesson๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ danny from uk

  17. VonBluesman

    That is a beautiful song from long ago.ย  Great job and song selection.

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