Melanie Faye – Jazz/Neo Soul Guitar Chords (“The Wishing Well”, originally by Miguel Burney)


  1. Melanie Faye

    Nice 👍 Thank you for the repost. For those wanting to learn, this is a Miguel Burney song called “The Wishing Well”. Look him up on Youtube and Instagram if you wanna see more of his music.

  2. Jack Berger

    What pickups do you have in your guitar? It looks like you switched them out.

  3. TrinitiiUniverse

    I seen your page on Instagram and I was like I wanna play the electric guitar ! So I asked my mom , and she got me one now I just have to learn☺️

  4. LNP T.

    เป็นสไตล์ที่ ตอนนี้เหมือนกันหลายคน

  5. Brian Reddin

    Super smooth sounds so soulfully sweet. Too bad the vid wasn't longer…thanks for lifting my spirit with that little diddy

  6. Shindu

    why does youtube keep suggesting this video to me?…

  7. Shane Klopstock

    Someone's been listening to her David T Walker!! That's a million dollar pinky. It's so great to hear people finally respecting just how powerful good little finger technique can be.

  8. Blaise/The

    Yeah, this is cool . . . BUT CAN SHE PLAY THROUGH THE FIRE AND FLAMES AT EXPERT 100%???

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