Metal Detecting Platte River, Big Bend Gold Prospecting Area


  1. Leann Kennedy

    Whether you find trash or treasure, it's enjoyable to see other parts of the country. Keep on keepin on!

  2. Scott Rodriguez

    mr klesh i clean trains in nyc.Every video you make is like a little vacation for me. I do some paydirt for fun. thank you for doing such a great job on your videos!

  3. Sparrow Godschild

    Hi Shane ! You seem to have a knack for finding poop! lol . . Awesome weather you've got there. I kept thinking you were going to check the water since you had the AT PRO. With that shovel you may have been able to retrieve a nugget or three : ) . . It was good to see you again, thanks for sharing. HH

  4. Ric Havic

    Think about moving water and the energy involved. A high energy environment (fast-moving water) has a high load capacity. As it loses velocity the load that is suspended begins to drop out, heaviest items first.
    Look for the big stuff, keeping in mind the channel can change with each high water event. Start with point banks and try to determine where they begin intersecting the main channel on the upstream side, which is the area of first resistance to flow.
    An example of a load loss and relating it to sieve classifying, note the bars composed of gravel of similar size and you see where a velocity change and loss of energy caused that particularly sized load to drop.
    There's your geomorphology lesson for the day.

  5. D Wing's World

    Out and about thats all that matters. Gotta show the bad days so everyone sees how you gotta work for it. Although I have never dug around a poo teepee. Thanks for sharing and Keep Living the Dirt Life!!

  6. Matt Unrein

    I will have to check that spot out some time soon see what I can find. I’ve panned the Platte father north in Brighton. A ton of black sand but no gold what so ever. Keep up the good work!

  7. tea for 2

    Don't watch this is like saying stop playing with it it will drop off you'll go blind no matter how hard I try it still hasn't dropped off I do wear glasses though practice practice practice I'll be good at it one day 🙌


    People leaving cans, bottles & their sh*tter along river bank makes it rough to find treasure! Good luck when you go back to pan, seems like a good spot

  9. Allen Craig

    You are a dedicated prospector digging next to the poop shack. Cool video man.

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