Metronome on 2&4 – How to get started – Jazz Guitar Lesson


  1. Jens Larsen

    This is a bit of an experiment. I want to make some shorter more loose lessons on questions from you guys or other specific topics and post them. Let me know what you think! ????

  2. Paul Gibby

    In the "My Gear" section you should also please list the maker of those frilly nut necklaces you always use. Thanks for the videos

  3. JonM Musik Germany

    Excellent video Jens….. sehr gut macht spass dich zu sehen, von dir kann man sehr viele Sachen lernen Danke++++

  4. axeofcreation

    I've been doing this more than I ever really have recently. Its effect is quite noticable in all phases.

  5. wayne DIOR

    If you have to use a metronome you are no good and wont be a jazz musician, or any live performing improvising musician. One has to feel the time in their soul.

  6. Ed H

    Hello Jens, I'm enjoying your videos as always. O.K. here goes a question that is probably obvious to most of your subscribers(except me). What is the point of hearing the beat on two and four? Thanks in advance for your replyEd

  7. Oliver Jüchems

    Hal galper,George Garzone favor the 1 and 3 tapping..hal galper said the old jazz men counted that way..Charly parker/ Coltrane played straight eighth notes, when he played fast..By the way , I really love your videos,you are a great player.Best wishes,Olli

  8. noreaction

    how do you come up with phrasing when improvising solos over certain changes? I know the common way is just use chord tones and passing notes up and down to those chord tones, voice leading to the next change, chromatic voice leading, but something about it doesn't click with me. I can write a solo but I can't improvise one. Also when would you use modes in soloing?

  9. Kevin Schellevis

    Hey Jens,

    I have a question: I really want to play jazz full time (as in: devote all my practicing time to it and in a few years ill try to enter the conservatory of Amsterdam or The Hague) and you are by far the best teacher (to me anyway) on youtube for jazz guitar. However I'm having a lot of trouble on finding topics I have to work on within the realm of jazz guitar. I feel like I already know some stuff such as the basic drop2 voicings for 7th chords with the root on 6th and 5th string, all (common) triads on all string sets, working on note reading right now etc. etc. But when I look at your site and how the lessons are structured I have trouble picking the 'beginner' type lessons out, in other words: what is essential to absolutely know as a aspiring jazz guitarist?

  10. brandex2011

    To make this metronome exercise easy, try hearing the 2 & 4 beat as a hi-hat.

  11. Mike Allen

    This is very useful. I will give it a try. I use metronome in reaper (DAW) and you customize the beat and many more. Unfortunately thieves has break into my house and take my best friend "the metronome" and many expensive guitar stuff. Btw good subject ….
    I love it. Is a great challenge man.

  12. Shawn 71

    So what would you say is best, Metronome on 2+4, -and tap 1 2 3 4, -or tap 1 and 3 , -or just put 1 and 3 in your head.

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