“Mighty Warrior” (Official Guitar Tutorial)


  1. Tobias Tibbles

    Is it possible for y'all to actually explain and show what you're doing not just run through the song?

  2. Shadownet

    What is that D chord the bottom guitar plays during the bridge? It got F C G Am, F C G Dm?

  3. d2ruben

    this is great!!!! doing this song very soon in our church!!!

  4. Aaron Sang

    What kind of chords are you guys doing during chorus? Are they variations of barre?

  5. drew hoggard

    could you guys possibly show a tutorial for the bass guitar? that would be really cool!

  6. Aric Saal

    Hey, guys! I love your ministry and think you're doing an amazing job! Do you think you guys do an update on what kind of gear you're using currently? That would be very much appreciated! God bless! 

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