Motörhead “Heroes” (David Bowie Cover)


  1. john perescu

    How much love deserves these two amazing men … Heroes of our generation…Forever with us in our hearts

  2. spudy1216

    Lemmy and Bowie were my Heroes. I have nothing else to say :'(

  3. DrZaius75

    I even like the changes that Lemmy made to the lyrics! It's not necessarily an improvement, but it isn't bad!

  4. Ian Summerton

    Best version of Heroes I've ever heard. Remember meeting Lemmy in 1985 at the back of a gig – either Maiden or Sister – I remember him more than the show TBH. Sound geezer.

  5. Sue

    Im crying for both of them, music industry wont be the same ever again, 2 men both beautiful and talented in their own special way, they will never be forgotten ???? ???? xx

  6. PhotogV

    Brilliant! It's like Lem is still singing to us from the grave

  7. Viktor Moura

    Lemmy you're a true legend!! A freaking genius! Our hero.. We fucking miss you so much <3 RIP

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