Neon – Complete Live Acoustic version from WTLI – John Mayer -Guitar lesson with TAB


  1. erpaloinen

    This is breathtakingly beautiful work. Thank you so much for this channel!

  2. Everett Schulte

    For those of you who don't have huge gorilla hands, I found an easier alternative to the chord played at 30:11… All you need to do is omit the note found on the 7th fret of  the G string and then replace it with an open G note. It looks like this:


  3. BigVig -

    This is a good tutorial for chords, but not so much for technique, check out my short cover/technique lesson (30 seconds) on my channel to learn how to play it like John Mayer. Nailed Neon's right hand technique, literally near perfect 😉

  4. Ipon

    Man, you are amazing! Thank you that you've created this video. You are the BOSS ! B)

  5. Will Lowry

    dude, I don't think you'll ever understand how appreciative i am of these amazing videos. Thank you soooo much.

  6. Jesse Seegers

    You should consider playing what it is you're going to teach at the beginning of your videos. Friendly tip 🙂

  7. Rangarajan

    could you please tell me what guitar model that is? I couldn't find it in the description or channel

  8. Albert Vergara

    Hello again Mr. zartimus… i'm kinda wondering if you could make a tutorial for Daughters (live in L.A.) for the part of Mr. Robbie Mcintosh??

    . I really love your teaching methods and hope you can make a tutorial for it. Thanks, man!!! you rock m/

  9. Nick Halewijn

    Thank you very much Zartimus for all the time and effort you put into this! I'm sure every viewer appreciates it greatly.

  10. Carter Newman

    I so appreciate the deliberate structure of your videos. While I don't sit through the whole video, I utilize the time stamps in the info section. I have, however, sat through your covered in rain lesson many times — forever my favorite song by anyone. Thank you so much!

  11. Abhiram Rao

    Just wanna say that I have been trying to learn this song forever, and your tutorial finally broke it down in such a digestible way! I feel fucking amazing rn

  12. Tijuana iguana

    Lol around 26.00 when you kept the hand still reminded me of andy mckee. how he pretty much just uses his fingers.

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