Nick Cutroneo – Ferdinando Carulli: Andante in A minor


  1. Nick Cutroneo

    WOAH! This video reached 20k views! Thanks to everyone who's watched, enjoyed and taken something from the video. I have a lesson video planned for this piece once my guitar returns from the luthier! Stay tuned.

  2. Andrea

    I don't understand why my teacher ask me play it more slowly? IT'S AMAZING!

  3. Ira Worang

    i am learning this piece. glad to see how it supposed to be played properly. lol. i am still in the stage where i ruin the song

  4. YouBazinga

    Nicely played. The sound and the look of the guitar are phenomenal. Who made the guitar?

  5. Nick Cutroneo

    My first video to reach 10,000 views!  Stay tuned, I have something special planned to celebrate!

  6. Quentin Jorquera

    Hi Nick, thank you for that beautiful version. I unfortunately have only the tabs with fingers for the first part, could you share the entire tabs ? Thanks !

  7. Nick Cutroneo

    Thanks to all who've watched, commented and liked this video.  Lets get it to 10k by the end of 2014!!

  8. joshc8415

    I had learned the beginning of this song ages ago but I didn't know the name of it. When I stumbled upon this video I was in awe. Thank you so much for posting this!!! 🙂

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