Nick Drake’s Tone – An In-Depth Look


  1. Brad Burkley

    I've been playing since '90. I usually tend to get annoyed by quantitative analysis of qualitative aesthetics. But I enjoyed this.

  2. Richard Warth

    Product Details
    'D'Addario nickel bronze 12 54', do not exist. Do you mean the 12 53? Or the nickel wound 12 54? Regards,

  3. TheEleatic

    I think you omitted the humidity of the room and the wind direction.

  4. Chris Tuxford

    I wish I could come and watch you play live. I would be so touched to hear Nick’s tunes. I have been listening to the his albums, especially Pink Moon, regularly for the last 33 years. His music means the world to me.

  5. Kostas1601

    Intriguing. I've actually often found myself admiring the tone of "dead" strings and go a long time without changing them usually just because it doesn't bother me that much. It's got something unique to it.

  6. A O Smith

    Very close, I'm a sound engineer, great incite. Now play more be songs.

  7. big tuna

    check out the album Flaws by the band Bombay Bicycle Club. They were influenced by Nick Drake's music and you can definitely hear it in the guitar work

  8. Digvalley Music

    Really really really good. The parts about the new trends in nickel strings was highly interesting. Classic style vs. the usual hand-style in fingerpicking made all the sense. Thanks for the in-depth and clarifications!

  9. ElectricLabel

    Nick played live with a Columbus Hummingbird until Francoise Hardy gave him the Levin. In the studio I understand he used a borrowed Martin on Five Leaves Left but all subsequent recordings were the Guild M20. I believe Gabrielle still possesses both the Columbus and the Guild.

  10. Adrian Vanderbosch

    First, thanks for a great video. I'd be hard-pressed to differentiate between your version and Nick's version of Horn/Things Behind the Sun. Quite an accomplishment, Sir.

    Second, I'm not going to read all of the comments, so I'm sorry if someone else has already posted something regarding this, but… You said you haven't found anyone who sounds like Nick Drake. I'd like to point you to Alexi Murdoch. To my ear, he's shockingly similar to Nick Drake on many of his tracks (especially All of My Days). If you aren't familiar, check him out.

  11. Colin Burke

    Thanks so much for your painstaking research… the tone is extremely close. Any tutorials on "five leaves" would be most appreciated…

  12. eurabio

    Awesome video. I think you are pretty close and made a great job. Do you have a source of good Nick Drake Tabs or sheets?

  13. Alex Helenius

    Wow, you played that piece at the end perfectly. Great job getting down his tone, sounds really good.

  14. Max Butterworth

    i don't play the guitar and feel like something of an imposter watching this. but you've mastered the sound, and since there's no way to see Nick play, this is fascinating to watch. well done!

  15. Eddie Block

    That was awesome. I'm a huge Nick Drake fan and a really bad guitarist. It's great to see someone with real skill and dedication spend time getting to such a great understanding of his style. Thank you.

  16. Ajit C.

    This is outstanding.. Your research into this, your style of playing, your style of explaining it through a video… Just simply awesome. And coupled with it being Nick Drake's music – I was just dreaming of being in a cottage inside a forest, early morning with a very slight drizzle outside and I'm by a window with a hot cuppa in one hand, a book in the other staring out into a lake 🙂

  17. sagnier

    i met robert kirby at the second Nick Drake gathering in tanworth in arden back in 2004 when he and Gabrielle attended the church service on the sunday, during which some of us played music. I'd been obsessed with (learning to play) nick's music for about four years, having first heard it in the mid 90s via my then-obsession with REM. I was somewhat starstruck, despite Robert being a very un-starry person – he was just a gregarious, round fellow with a beard. He actually spoke to me first, mentioning that my guitar was similar to nick's. Of course then i was off and asking him questions and i bent his ear for rather too long. My guitar was (and is) a fender f-65, which is basically a copy of a martin D28. He told me (and I was particularly curious about this, given that all I'd done for the last few years was learn nick songs) that for the first two albums at least, the only acoustic guitar that nick recorded with was his D28. He didn't know about Pink Moon because he wasn't present, but he was there during the earlier sessions.

  18. marco rivosecchi

    Very nice. Great sounds. Can you do a long video just playing a few favorite nick songs? Would really love to see you play them. Thanks

  19. Ken Johnston

    I was about your age when I first heard Nick Drake in college. It was probably 1978 few years after Nick Drake died at the age of 25. I remember listening to a couple songs of his in the student union music center and stopping everything to listen to all three albums in one go.
    Thank you so much for your work and your dedication to his work and listening to the last few minutes of this video that you made brought tears to my eyes in remembering when I first discovered Nick Drake,
    .thank you so much. – Ken in Hawaii…. October 10, 2017

  20. Tyler Axten

    This is great! Your knowledge is tremendous, would love to see what you could say and figure out about other guitarists!

    What about Barney Kessel's playing?

  21. Clifton Painter

    Excellent quality video, playing and scientific method. Love it my little brother. Keep up the great and very thoughtful work.

  22. Rick Steigers

    Nice playing. I love Nick's music. He is a true musical genius and a great inspiration to songwriters.

  23. beppegoals

    Truly impressive video, really well done. Those 21 poor souls who disliked it have either no ears or no heart.

  24. Christian Friis Jensen

    I legit thought it was the studio recording when the video started. So basically I would say you nailed it, no pun intended.

  25. Mr_ Batsu

    I've played for 30+ years and can't believe this is the first I've heard of Nick Drake. I have new (to me) music to look into now. Thanks!

  26. chrigsound

    What a FANTASTIC video. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this!

  27. Brent Uptain

    When you started playing “things behind the sun” I fully expected Nick’s voice to come in. I guess that means you nailed it, dude.

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