Nick Mulvey – Cucurucu – Guitar Patterns Ep5


  1. ben tinsley

    How cool would be to drink red wine and have a little jam with Nick. God bless ya.

  2. Nooksva

    I love not only your accent but the way you sing and pronounce your words… just so soothing with the guitar 🙂

  3. Christopher Horton

    What is that second cord before the root, I'm finding it very hard to figure out and sounds all wrong. I've got the G…F#min and A7. Is the second a Asus or something a like. Would be great if someone could mention the fingering.

  4. PJ Shahi

    Gratitude! for the generosity to share the details of the simple yet  beautiful arrangements and variations for the chords to this timeless song

  5. Tayler Ralph

    Please please can anyone do a tutorial for nicks cover of drakes hold on we're going home

  6. Thomas Merrill

    Saw you in Toulouse last month, really great tunes, an honour to have been there.

  7. chris mackie

    Amazing. Thanks so much for sharing all these lessons, Nick. Your album has been wearing out on my commuting car stereo. Now I'll be able to try it for myself. Thanks again.

  8. Elsie Plimmer

    I came to see you perform at Komedia in Bath and it was so amazing ! So excited to see these videos !!! Its really nice to see you teaching your own songs as it makes it feel even more special to learn your music ! 

  9. Griffin Heng

    Thank you, this is fantastic! I was going to go with my son to your concert in Melbourne but unfortunately he is at camp. I can't wait to show him your clips! Thanks and I hope you come back to Melbourne soon.

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