Owen Campbell – Angry Busker – Australia’s Got Talent 2012 audition 3 [FULL]


  1. Joy Miller

    Basically every judge: "you're really talented. No from me"
    Coming up next on Americas got Personality.

  2. tankmaster1018

    Haha, dude just has a sense of humor that the judges didn't like… If this was Britian's Got Talent, his personality would have killed! But also, I think its bullshit that a person's personality and attitude can effect their chances if they actually have real talent like this. Sure, if he was openly insulting the judges and being a bastard thats one thing, but he was just making some jokes that the judges got super sensitive about, leading him to push it further and defend himself with more jokes. Dude is great at guitar!

  3. Enigma93

    that fucking guy in red shirt is so fucking ANNOYING I hate if people lose their chances because of one little cock who cant get it that this guy is more talented than him

  4. Mejakoba

    Whys he such a dickhead ignoring the guy when he came out of the audition. Deserves what he got.

  5. Void Space

    respect is core in social life, but no one deserve such a genuine reserved respect unless they actually got into bond. bond starts with resect? it is sometimes like egg first or chicken first.

  6. SsOpacitas Xx

    he was obviously talented, he doesn't have to be that classy. these judges don't understand what he've been through, because people's personalities/characters depends on where they live,what situation they're going through, people change they should've given him the chance to pass the audition. we won;t know he will change sooner.

  7. Keelan Kitchens

    That was dumb as fuck they just took it the wrong was he did nothing wrong the judges are just dicks

  8. Alex Corona

    It's forever posted to be viewed in the future and show how much of badass this man is. And what a joke the two lady judges who said no are.

  9. Ex Creation

    isnt the whole point in going on this show to pretend that the judges arnt there XD

  10. MURDR63

    He made a joke about pretending the judges weren't there, and they got all offended. What a bunch of pansies. I thought the guy was pretty funny.

  11. Samuel Sutton

    Met this guy a few days ago and got some busking tips. He's a good Aussie bloke. P.s he smokes like a chimney

  12. CaptenMurica

    don't judge a book by its cover yo just because he looks like douche dosnt mean shit

  13. RenderRan Nation

    Since when you need to have a good attitude in an audition?Many singers/actors these days are cocky too.So why does it have to be different to a guy that's not famous yet?

  14. x32gunzerker :P

    I am very confused when he said lets pretend the judges arent there was so that he wouldnt get nervous

  15. x32gunzerker :P

    I am very confused when he said lets pretend the judges arent there was so that he wouldnt get nervous

  16. Joseph Martino

    why are the judges so self centered and egotistical? He was performing for the audience. The Judge's jobs are to figure out who has the best talent.. thank god this guy didn't fall from there ego to there IQ.. because no matter how intelligent they seem to be, there ego is so inflated it would be like falling into the deepest abyss.

  17. jack whack

    Painful to see something as simple as a small miscommunication ruin a great opportunity. Insecurity/oversensitivity on the side of the judges (took it as a personal attack instead of a cheeky joke), and a failure on Owen's side to clear up the air (lack of social-
    & self-awareness, + too much pride to admit a failed attempt at a joke)

  18. Joker

    Got Talent – He's supposed to be judged on his performance, not his attitude.

  19. Die Salami

    I hate these shows! They're so superficially. Its only about marketing and Audience ratings. Britians GT and Americans GT has at least some talents nur the german version is the worst!!

  20. Viktor J. Hoel

    Old ugly radio whatever pisspot, a prominent talentless sister and the ugliest member of the worst boyband ever… Since when this kind of people got the right to judge?

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