Pat Metheny – And I Love Her (The Beatles)


  1. Casa Casa

    Hello Sir,

    Where did you record this? Beauty and warmth out of darkness and chill.

  2. Rob Wolfe

    Incredible take and production. I like the studio version even better. Nice to see 2 million views on a Metheny video.

  3. Ken Legg

    Pat is a musical genius .. transports you to a different dimension with his music 🙂

  4. Ocsi Baranyi

    Beautiful, great musician, I could listen this version over and over again.

  5. jay walker

    love that song picked and pulled strings on classical guitar. goid stuff

  6. 18echosf

    What a beautiful, emotional version of a wonderful tune. The ending chord was gorgeous.

  7. John Porrison

    Daleee, saquen los otros 4 violeros que tienen escondidos detrás del decorado!
    jaja Capo Pat

  8. Pier M

    Jose Feliciano does the best guitar instrumental version of this song


    PAT one day you ll lead a band in heaven your music has caught the Angels attention

  10. Jens L.

    wow, das ist ja irre gut. Richtig klasse, so was für warme Sommerabende auf der Terrasse

  11. Top100Guitarist

    uhm.. He try to imitate Jose Feliciano in his 1968 intrumental "And I Love Her".It's a good work. but not at same level of Jose.


    Wonderful rendition of great beatles tune. i think ill give up know cant got close to your playing just wonderful to listen to.

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