Piledriver Waltz – Arctic Monkeys ( Acoustic Guitar Tab Tutorial & Cover )


  1. Serj Buketov

    is this song 3/4? I'm such a time deaf, can't manage to learn the strumming pattern

  2. Harley Curnow

    From what i've seen most people that learn on electrics play an open E without the index finger because it's more similar to a barre chord while acoustic players seem to use the first three fingers, which did you first learn, acoustic or electric?

  3. solozoro

    What happened to trying your luck tabs video by the strokes could you reupload it? 🙁

  4. kieran straw

    Do metallica for whom the bell tolls. It will give you some contrast towards the songs you have been doing and I think it will give you a bit of a challenge have fun. We will support you no matter what song you do.

  5. Uncle George

    Can you do more songs off of the Submarine OST please and thank you ✌????️

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