PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Guitar Lesson – Main Theme


  1. the guy

    the lessons rally goog and I like that you put the tab in the back round

  2. Ty Couk

    I'm pretty new to all this so could someone tell me what you would call the paper with the strings and frets on it it'll really help me out

  3. Jordy rocks 2

    Can u send me your email I wanna send u me playing it please but it will take 3 mounths course new guitar studdying and backtracking

  4. Zac Williams

    I just learned this in a week. I have been playing for three years now and this is a tricky one. amazing video and thank you.

  5. Denniz Kubat

    your guitar sounded completly differnet from the beggning, sorry for bad english

  6. LordJohnTheRaven

    nice thanks, I have a bet against my dad, if I can play this in 1 week he has to pay me 10€. This realy belped me out

  7. David Hill

    Bobby Crispy,

    I decided at a much older age to learn to play…..I've made great improvements over the year (but still suck :)…. I've looked at multiple videos on this song…. I like the movie themes on the guitar….anyway, just wanted to say that this is probably the best easiest to understand and practice instruction I've seen….especially with your tabs…I really like the way your tabs are broken down one riff at a time — Thank you!

    If you ever have the time and want to do Last of the Mohicans (especially the section called "The Kiss" that would be killer…. if not, no worries – thanks for what you've done……..

  8. scott booher

    Amazing! Thank u so much! I showed all my friends and now im so popular! All my thanks go to u Booby!

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