“Play it Again” Beginner Guitar Lesson – (Luke Bryan)


  1. Ashley Tabor

    these videos has really help me learn how to play guitar and for the song i love

  2. Gary Tichansky

    Love Luke Bryan's music, Matt!! Yet again I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work! I am so happy I found your channel. I'm learning a lot here so please keep up the great work! God bless you brother!! ????????????????

  3. chris lawrence

    Hey Matt i just wanted to say thank you for your helpful videos i have a learning disability so it helps me to understand what your teaching because i am able to watch it over and over again till i get it because of you i was able to play check yes or no for my wife and it made her smile and now with this song maybe my daughter will think she has a Cool Dad because i can play a Luke Bryan song LOL. i had private lessons 4 other times in my life but 30 minutes was not enough time i did get the Keith Urban guitar program and that helped me out learning my chords a lot so when i found your video's on youtube i was able to learn the songs a lot faster thanks again i am also a christian so your faith in the Lord is inspiring i do have a piano in my house i think i might give it a try to thank's to you God bless

  4. Ian Mullins

    hey can you do a video tutorial on luke Bryan – been there done that
    i can't seem to find a video for it. Thanks in advanced, love your videos.

  5. Kodi Gehrig

    I hate it you should actually just go on and not you just learn the lyrics and steady

  6. gocatsgo08

    Came here for a lesson, but instead it's just this guy playing. Where's the lesson again? If I just wanted to see someone play the song, I would watch Luke Bryan.

  7. Josie Maxwell

    I'm only young (14) and this is awesome, helping me put so much, giving me son=me new songs to play while I'm out Jamming with my mum every now and then. Thankyou Matt.

  8. Zach Capps

    hey matt, just adding a new song to your lessons I wish you would teach is blood brothers by luke bryan.

  9. Gil Phillips

    Hey Matt, Love the videos. Can you do "Chasin That Neon Rainbow" by Alan Jackson. Thanks

  10. Robert Heath

    Hey.. just wanted to say thanks for posting.. great tune.. helped me figure it out in minutes.. Cheers to you bro!

  11. Josh d

    Can you do better in boots please sir? can't find a tutorial anywhere! thanks man!

  12. ben barrados

    +countrysongteacher I love your videos and there helping me out so much. I'm just a little confused with the struming pattern is it down up down up?

  13. sanya blender

    HI I was wondering if God bless the broken road is also a 4 cord. could you do a lesson with that song please? and I really liked the board you used to show us the cords.

  14. Hunter Wyble

    I'm new to playing guitar. I'm confused on which strings to strum when playing any chords.

  15. Gabriel Duarte

    hey learning to play guittar now and love that song… only having a hard time on the rithm…. little help?

  16. Tyler Perkinz

    hey im from high point nc and I love your videos! im a huge fan! keep it up!

  17. Albert Gatte

    Matt you. are a great teacher. it comes through the videos, that you enjoy playing and teaching. In not a great player, but I'm better since finding your videos.you make it make sense.thanks

  18. Isaiah Carrera

    I just got my guitar a week ago I'm still learning this song when I do learn it I'm going to gather all my friends

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