1. Finch

    Wow you can actually play, can't say I expected it but wow!!

  2. Fernando Mesquita

    Girl, you're amazing. I found one of your videos by accident searching for sony's Rx100 V review. Been watching your stuff all afternoon. Congrats, you're really good.

  3. Marcel Schmitz

    And this episode was released one day after John Mayer released his new album, coincidence? 🤔😜

  4. BILLbilly01

    Really nice to see that you're into music as well!
    I love watching your videos and seeing that you also like music really escalates that feeling.
    I would love to jam with you one day. 🙂

  5. CJinRealLife

    Omg Neon is my favorite all time from John Mayer, although there's tons, great job on it!

  6. FunKeyBayBee

    Sounds awesome! Rad you picked John Mayer to practice guitar! Learning his work is a sure fire way to get really stinking good.

  7. Bennetts Vlogging

    How long you going to be in LA cause my band and I Have a gig on May 19th if you wanna come out. We still have to confirm it if you wanna have some fun in the Pits!

  8. Michael D'Sa

    Hi Sara, can you tell me what camera you're using in your guitar scene?
    Sweet playing! Don't you stop

  9. TacoNoodle

    HOLY SHIT! I thought she would be playing cheezy 4 chords but dayum dem skillz tho

  10. Donald Regan

    You could easily be one of those hot guitar chicks on youtube if you wanted.

    For easy money you could put out some truncated (like 2-3 minutes long) covers of songs on guitar… you could definitely get millions of views doing guitar covers.

  11. Tim Carle

    Pretty dank, pretty dank.

    Got some music on my channel if you guys are trying to jam

  12. Nemosaurus

    Neon is so fun to play! John Mayer songs have gotten me to play without a pick too.

  13. @thevictoriafaye

    nothing like writing a song and hearing it come to life in a band. transcendant 💙 great vid sara

  14. Nur Huda Khamis

    "when you are creating something out of nothing." me when I am doing an essay because I didn't listen in class and literally am just bs-ing 5 pages of words.

  15. Moises Santos

    You're not just a beautiful and nice vloger, but also a talented musician! nice one SARA!.. keep it up..i enjoy watching your videos and stuffs! God bless 🙂

  16. Paola Elizabeth

    Dude it's so cool finally seeing you play! I play guitar too and John Mayer songs have always been some of my favorites. Sending love <3

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