R.E.M. – Losing my religion (The story behind the song)


  1. Jais620

    Damn!!! I would love to sit down with them for an hour. As well-known as this song is, It is still underrated. No matter what, It's underrated.

  2. AzurHvns

    Such incongruity between his speech & looking like a cross between an elf & Duck Dynasty family member.

  3. sdfklsdfls

    and of course Michael stipe has grown a beard in his old age.. too late to be a hipster?

  4. Scott T

    Seminal band and exceptional influence – but Stipe just seems like a grump

  5. Texas06Exige

    Stipe, while intriguing as an artist, comes off as the typical arrogant asshole that people associate with artists.

  6. Bill Esquire

    I lost my religion once. Good news though, the next day I looked under my bed and there it was.

  7. Dan Hanks

    I remember seeing REM live in Auckland (New Zealand) Jan 95 touring the newly released Monster album. Their supporting bands were Crowded House and Grant Lee Buffalo (!) Best concert I ever attended, three astonishing groups at the height of their powers. But not sure about a reunion – Have to be a damn good reason and nostalgia doesn't cut it for me, theres too many good recordings on Youtube I can watch one of those. REM are musical heroes, if they want to play again I wish them be best, but they don't owe us anything.

  8. devtrev

    I don't think I've seen him smile in 35 years. He seems kind of joyless.

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