R&B guitar lesson (spicing up chord progressions!)


  1. Adam Maynard

    Killer video and great explanations. Do you have a video of the right hand percussive accents, ghost notes, etc?

  2. JahIssa Waganda

    I have been playing music and I decided to go back to basics and I just found you infectious and glorious in your teaching. Blessings and I think I have just become a student again..

  3. ServingMyJesus

    Beautiful playing. I love the tunes that you are putting together. Are they just for teaching here or have you turned them into meaningful songs? Would you collaborate across the internet in writing songs? Keep up the excellent teaching.

  4. Bihag Panwala

    thanks , it's so important lessons .u teach simple and very funnyiest way that we enjoyed ..

  5. Richard Harris

    love your flow. such a clesn classy laid back style. i look forward to implenting some of your style into mine and thank you so much for posting

  6. ampecsu

    can any of you guitar heads listen to Ruben Studdard's – After the candles burn and tell me the guitar chords on the chorus??

  7. Eagle123456

    thanks for the beutiful lessons could you do for us i wanna know, or at least the chords. thanks.

  8. Sean Williams

    When i started two years ago this was a big stepping stone in growing as a player, now its cool to see you're playing with Camilla Cabello and other big stars! #blessings

  9. OBFLife

    This is so cool. I love your videos. Lot of goofballs out there tryna teach, but your tutorials are my favorite by a large step! Keep killin' it!

  10. TheEighthAct

    I remember watching this so many times years before I even had a guitar. Now I get to finally apply this stuff

  11. Vee Da Bee

    dude these are so helpful; I'm branching out with my writing and your vids popped up on a google search!
    Could you do a tutorial about timing? it's so easy to get complacent with time signatures!!
    ….unless you've already done one? I haven't looked yet!

    You rock tho, keep doin you girl! <3

  12. Blair B. A

    Love the way you play…and you're also a good teacher. I really enjoy watching and learning from you…I've just subscribed…Thank you.

  13. Jomondre Frink

    This is how I ultimately want to play. Picked up my first guitar. like your picking style vs strumming. great video.

  14. Ron Shaw

    Hello ash, I must say…. your cuteness is attracting, your delivery is absorbing and your teaching is easy….I'am your new grasshopper!

  15. Jeanette Johnson

    with tears in my eyes. . I'm so glad I found you…I can understand everything you are doing..you are such a great teacher…love it

  16. HandCrafted StudioWorkstations

    Ashlee, what do you need to get rid of that angle you have the camera sitting at?
    Also do you need a recording system wit a proper MIC, your voice really PIERCES very nasally in the 2khz-8khz "like a bell filter.

  17. dexter brady

    im so inspired by you. i wish you were my teacher…! amazing gift. thanks for sharing

  18. David Rouse

    Hi" I'm new here. What I saw, is great. Do you teach music? if so please provide some info, thanks.

  19. MrJibarra1985

    your so dope.I love your style it comes from the heart,comes from the soul. I come back to your tutorials every once in awhile and when you play I can feel it. thank you for that. You are a true musician. My best wishes as you continue on your journey touching hearts with your music. much love and God bless you. Jeremiah 29:11

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