SAVATAGE – EDGE OF THORNS – Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross


  1. MR DEAN V

    Awesome Job….! would love to see you do a lesson on "HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING" ….

  2. mgdarenz

    Well, props for trying to learn this song. I have not heard anyone approach a proper and honorable nod to Criss' work. This guy was very special. Hard tone and feel to emulate. Only one to come close is Alex Skolnick, who played on the following record and tour ("Handful Of Rain").

  3. mgdarenz

    Very surprised that you have not heard of Savatage and Criss Oliva. Oliva is on the same level as Rhoads and others. Highly under appreciated. This was the last work he did before his untimely death.

  4. Tom Askey

    Really enjoyed this lesson and am going to take a look at some more.

  5. Storm Rider

    Criss Oliva was a great player man, thanks for the lesson. Maybe you could do something from the first or second album like  "Sirens" or Metalhead or Dungeons Are Calling" Rock on!

  6. mitch mclean

    Cool thanks…. You should check Savatage out…. quality 80s metal band… Hall of the mountain king is their big song….. No propper lessons on it yet….. so it'd be great if you could do a lesson on it….. I'm sure you'll like it.

  7. toby 333

    Never heard of Savatage really?what kind of 80s metalhead are you.they eventually became trans siberian orchestra,early Savatage was thrash metal,never heard Hall of the mountain king?,24 hours ago?

  8. Tamer Sameeh

    Nice. I am just surprised you never heard of Savatage before. I hope you can do a tutorial of "Strange reality" for Savatage. You will like the song if you have never heard it before

  9. Jack Harding

    please please do in the hall of the mountain king by savatage. same band as this.
    the opening and chords that drive the song

  10. Bonedog357

    Mike could you do a lesson on Hall of the Mountain king by Savatage?

  11. Calvin Brokaw

    Savatage was formed by brothers Jon n Criss Oliva in Florida. Chris Caffrey, ( whom I grew up with) joined later on, Chris is also the one of the Lead guitarists from Trans Siberian Orch. Chris played the intro n solos to Christmas Cannon Rock….

  12. h85rocks

    I suppose if you sped it up, added some cheesy, square wave synth, and made it more accesible to the girls….ok it could sound like Europe. But, until then, Savatage kicks Europe's ass! IMO

  13. Scott Matthews

    Mike- I was the onewho requested a song for Savatage. The guitarist for this band is Chris Caffery. He is also the guitarist for Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I wanted you to do a lesson for Savatage- Dead Winter Intro. Basically it is Ode to Joy metal style. Check it out! Keep Rocking!!!!

  14. h85rocks

    Europe? I am sorry, but no comparison. Sure, there might be a "similiarity" to Dream Theater, especially with Edge of Thorns…but still without the self-indulgent wanking. Check out "Sirens" and "The Dungeons are Calling" albums. Great pieces in metal history.

  15. Brad

    Sorry I'm just now replying Mike but I would like a bass lesson for Dried Up, Tied Up, and Dead To The World by Marilyn Manson. Thanks!

  16. Dylan Eggers

    Hey man, I really love your lessons and was wondering if you could teach the song: Let Go by Anew Revolution?

  17. DxN_721

    mike can you please do some more cradle of filth lessons they have some epic guitar solos and i would love to learn how to play them.

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