Scales and Modes for Blues and Rock Guitar Lesson – Part One


  1. Marc

    The whole intervals in an octave are 6 whole steps. But that is not a scale or mode. That's just counting every whole step in an octave. A scale or mode contains a total of 5 whole and two half steps in some order. The actual order of the intervals depends on which degree or note you start on in the scale. The C Ionian scale (C scale starting on C) is WWHWWWH. C Dorian (C scale starting on D) is WHWWWHW. But notice it's always the same amount of W and H intervals regardless.

  2. Jerry D

    Your losing me If it 2 hole steps and a half step,3 hole steps and a half Why is it when you go from F 2 G 2 A So on, doe ray me fos so la, That to me looks like your taking 6 hole steps? i dont get it. Please tell me where im going wrong. Im dieing here im going to be a star. dont you under

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